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This summer 2015 ebook from is a great planning resource to make the most out of the sunny season. Nothing is left out of this guide. I highly recommend you check it out if you want to have your most productive summer ever!

100 Days Of Summer 2015

This summer planning ebook from is gold!

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. It is complete. I mean, COMPLETE.

This ebook leaves nothing out. The range of topics covered includes everything I can think of associated with summer. In fact, it includes more than I can think of. I was pleasantly surprised and reminded of all that summer has to offer.

Here's a taste of what this ebook covers:

  • attending weddings
  • graduation planning/attendance
  • teacher appreciation
  • vacation ideas
  • kids activities
  • patriotism
  • holidays
  • grilling
  • rainy day activities
  • safety measures
  • community service
  • in-season food and drink ideas
  • party planning
  • sporting events
  • back to school time
  • decluttering
  • charitable giving

2. It breeds action.

This summer planner not only reminds us but also helps us integrate.

For example, did you forget to get a gift for your kid's teacher last year? Or do you want creative Father's Day options? Or awesome wedding present ideas? Not to worry, this ebook not only brings the event to your attention but also has ideas on what to give and provides a checklist to go with it.

And those were just "giving" examples! There's so much more on parties and eating and activities and on and on.

You can't help but take action. It's superb.

With every day of suggested activity comes a resource of some sort like a checklist, a Pinterest board of ideas, or a related blog post link.

3. It reduces overwhelm.

The best part is, this ebook is so inclusive and so complete yet the information is delivered in a way that is not overwhelming (and therefore reduces procrastination).

  • The layout and design are clean and easy to read.
  • Each day is only one page long, so it's simple yet effective.
  • It is very straightforward and consistent. It gives you an idea, then suggests how to take action, and finally delivers a helpful resource.

Like I said, this summer planning ebook is an inspiring powerhouse of productivity. Check it out here.

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** has other "100 Days" ebooks that are fantastic like 100 Days To Christmas and 100 Days Of A New Year. Check them out here.**

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