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Positive thinking quotes and motivational thoughts improve your quality of life a million times over. Positive thoughts are crucial to mental and physical health. If you think it, it will be so.

I know what it's like to be mad at the universe.

It's hard to deal with negative situations, but I realized that handling them negatively wasn't the answer. It certainly didn't help me in any way. Thus, I started focusing on the positive and never looked back.

It is a lifestyle change, and I would recommend it to everyone. Below you'll find a list of positive thinking phrases to embrace that will improve your quality of life. Enjoy!

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Positive Thinking Quotes That Will
Improve Your Quality Of Life Now

1. I can. I will. If you think you can, then you can. It is as simple as that. It doesn't matter if you're afraid or don't have any money or don't know how. If you want to do something, you'll find a way around the obstacles. The first step is believing that you can and will do it.

2. I am good enough. Damn right, you're good enough. This positive affirmation is very important. Say it loud and proud. If you are the best person you can be, then you truly are good enough for anything and anyone.

3. I'm not perfect. I'm me. What is perfect anyway? Do your best and be your best. Reread number 2 above.

4. I love myself. Love who you are. Embrace where you came from. If you do, then others will love you too. Inner love attracts love from outside sources.

5. I'm afraid of it, so I'm going to tackle it head on. Scared to do something? Great! Jump in with both feet. The feeling of experiencing and/or mastering something you are afraid cannot be matched.

6. I can see success. Envision good outcomes. What do they look like? Write them down. Draw them. If you can visualize a successful end, then you have something to work towards (even if you don't know how to get there).

7. I remember the good times. Remember the good days and laugh. Do not dwell on the bad ones, but learn from them instead.

Print this out and put it somewhere visible for a positive daily reminder.

8. I am getting older, and I love it.
*This is one of my favorite positive thinking quotes.* Embrace every chapter of your life, even as you get older...especially as you get older. Getting older is fun. You are more experienced, wiser, make more money and do whatever you want to do. Doesn't that sound great?!

9. I can find the good in any situation. No matter how bad it is, something positive can come from it. What did you learn? How did it make you a better person? How can you teach others about it? What good can you do with it?

10. I don't even bother with asking "Why me?". The answer to "Why me?" is "because you are strong enough to handle it," so handle it. Besides, it doesn't matter why. Things just happen. We can't explain them or control them. What counts is how you react, and reacting positively is a whole lot better than negatively.

11. I can't please everyone. And that's okay. Trying to make everyone happy usually means you are not, and it breaks one of the golden rules of positive thinking...please yourself first.

12. I will give others the benefit of the doubt. It's easy to jump to conclusions based on how it looks, but this can cause more trouble and is a negative thought to shed right away. Get all of the details, and then judge the situation.

13. I am excited for what is to come. Your best days are always ahead of you. Thinking that they have already passed is detrimental and completely ridiculous. Reread number 8 above. *This is also one my favorite positive thinking quotes.*

14. I will always try to do what I think and feel is right. You are not always right (and if you think you are then this is a negative thought to get rid of), but always try to do what's right. Do what you think is right, because it feels good not because others tell you what they think you should do. Follow your gut.

15. I welcome positive presence in my life. You are not alone in this world. Surround yourself with people (and/or pets) who positively enhance your career, your personal life, and your existence.

The power of positive thoughts is astounding. Here are more positive thinking quotes. Read chapter 2 of my book here - How To Be Mental In A Good Way!

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