2015 Top Organizing Blog Posts!

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Here's how to organize your life with the 2015 top posts from The Organizing Boutique.

2015 top organizing blog posts

These are our most popular pages from 2015, and we hope you enjoy them as much as everyone else has. Happy organizing!

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2015 Top 10 Organizing Blog Posts

1. File Your Cardigans (also a 2014 best!)

If your cardigans are getting too wrinkled, stretched out, and/or taking up too much drawer space, then this solution is for you. Here you'll find the step-by-step process for organizing your cardigans and photos of how I FILE my cardigans in open canvas storage bins.

2. Organizing Your Campsite

As of 2015, I've been to 10 music festivals! With that experience, I can say that there is ONE particular product that keeps a campsite organized and has worked for us year after year. Want to know what it is? Check out this post.

3. Shoe Storage Solutions (a 2013, 2014, & 2015 Top!)

I love shoes, and I love organizing...I love organizing shoes! One of my weaknesses is shoes. Yes, I am a professional organizer, but I'm also human (and female)! I find really cute shoes at bargain prices...honestly, they find me. I have found some creative ways to store shoes even in small spaces, and I've shared them here.

4. 10 Easy Music Festival/Camping Hacks

I've been attending music festivals since 2005, and each year we've improved upon something to make our experience even better. These are things you wouldn't generally think of unless you've braved the muddy, sweaty days that we call some of the best of our lives. But we have done it, so without further ado and in no particular order, here are 10 music festival hacks that will make your glow sticks shine even brighter.

5. Organizing Statistics (also a 2014 best!)

Who cares about organizing statistics and why should you organize your life? Why should you declutter your home? Why should you be able to find things easily? Check out this information and you'll learn the importance of statistics as well as getting organized - this will blow your mind!

6. Baseball Cap Storage (a 2014 & 2015 Top!)

These baseball cap storage solutions will certainly make your world a better place. A less cluttered space makes people happier and that's good for everyone. :) If you or a member of your household is a hat-wearer, then you're no stranger to the chaos that can accompany head accessories. I've implemented some very easy yet very awesome hat storage solutions that make it simple for us to find what we need in a snap.

7. Work Tote Bags

If you're wondering how to organize work tote bags, then I'm guessing you're frustrated with the current state of your briefcase or work bag. Is it so full that you can't find anything without making a huge mess? Is your work bag so heavy that your shoulder needs physical therapy after carrying it? Is it a black hole that even light can't escape? Not to worry, we're going to remedy this situation so you can find your stuff, give your shoulder a break and impress the people you work with.

8. New Uses For Old Things (also a 2014 best!)

Always a popular post, so I'm not surprised that it made the 2014 and 2015 top pages...Creating or finding new uses for old things is a valuable organizing fundamental. The elemental thought process behind this principle is to simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify, simplify (and save some loot). Discovering new uses for old things is a great way to get creative, save time and most importantly money. Using these tips you can turn trash to treasure by upcycling old items.

9. How To Stop Shopping

Buying things we don't need contributes to clutter build up, wastes money that will most likely be necessary later for something way more important and sucks time right out of the day. Here are 5 ways to kick your shopping addictions for good.

10. Closet Storage Solutions

It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused with all of the closet storage solutions out there these days. Storage products, installed systems, assembled systems, bins, baskets, drawers...it's enough to make your head spin! Here are my top 3 closet storage solutions, and how they can be used in different ways to your advantage.

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