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Welcome to my page on easy ways to save money! 

Organizing your financial life is so important, and being organized is good for your budget...for your house, for your credit, for your investments, for any and all bank accounts, for your career, for your identity, for your health, for your future, for your child's future, for your grandchild's future, for everything!

Check out the links below for specifics on organizing your financial life. Happy saving!

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10 Easy Ways To Save Money By Being Organized!

1. Knowing where things are ensures that you don't buy them twice. This means you can save money on groceries or save money on makeup or what have you, because you can find them in a snap.

2. If everything is in its proper place, then there's less of a chance of your items getting damaged (and having to buy them again!).

3. You're more likely to catch mistakes on financial statements if you're on top of your bills.

4. You're more likely to submit medical claims properly and successfully if you're on top of your mail.

5. You'll be able to deduct more from your taxes if you keep track of tax deductible receipts.

6. You're more likely to use coupons and gift cards if you know where they are and have a system for utilizing them before they expire.

7. You're less likely to incur penalties or late fees if you're on top of your mail and bills.

8. If you don't use it and it's in good shape, sell it!

9. Organized Office = Find Things Quickly = More Efficient = Better Employee = Keep Your Job or Get Promoted!

10. Simply put, when you're organized you have more time. Time is money!

How To Live Life To The Fullest When You're Young And Poor

John and I have done and seen so many cool things. We have so many great memories and have really "lived" out our twenties. It's important to say we never moved back home (because we wanted to stay in DC), and we had all of these awesome experiences by sticking to our budget. It's a hell of a lot easier said than done, and you'll learn how we were successful in my book.

Other Easy Ways To Save Money!

1. Easy ways to save money are to budget your money and to cut back on expenses you don't NEED. Stop buying "stuff," and start thoughtfully shopping and kick any shopping addictions for good. If you really are in need of a new wardrobe, why not dress some oldies up with new accessories instead?

2. Eating out a lot? The obvious thing is to tell you to cook more and you should. However, if you're wondering how to save more money and you do go to a restaurant, why not sit at the bar and try the happy hour menu?

3. Shopping online? Want to know how to save money fast? There are tons of coupons out there waiting to be used! Before you check out, open another browser window and do a Google search for savings (i.e. "Staples coupon codes"). RetailMeNot.com is one of many sites that provide thousands of coupon codes.

4. Buy things at discount stores. For a little extra effort, you can purchase items in bulk for lower prices. For example, shop at Costco instead of Whole Foods and Loehmann's instead of Bloomingdale's.

5. Shop at the end of the season. I buy winter clothes at the end of the winter season. This way I start next winter with new items and get unbelievable discounts. Ditto for summer.

6. Dive into the world of DIY arts and crafts. Rather than buying something new, perhaps you can make it or upcycle an item you already have. For example, instead of buying new office drawers I decided to give the ones I already owned a makeover that cost a whopping $4.99. It was awesome!

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