Packing A Suitcase - How To Figure Out What To Pack & What To Do Before You Leave

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Welcome to my page of awesome travel tips where you can learn about packing a suitcase, travel organizer products and more!

Whether you're going on vacation, a business trip, a weekend adventure or a two week excursion, an organized trip in which things run smoothly always leaves more room for leisure.

Who doesn't want that?!

packing a suitcase

Would you rather be basking in the sun by the pool at your hotel or battling with the concierge about whether or not you had reservations after a tiring day of travel?

This page provides resourceful information on...

  • prepping - travel checklist of things to do before you leave
  • packing - how to figure out what to pack in your suitcase
  • products - travel organizers and packing products

and more, so you can better plan your journeys and have more fun. The following travel information will help you get started.

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Travel Tips and Tools:

A Few Weeks Prior

• make arrangements for child care

• make arrangements for pet care

• make arrangements for plant care

A Few Days Prior

• confirm all reservations

• wash clothes

• store valuable things in safe places

• clean out wallet (only take what's necessary)

• make copies of important documents (passports, etc.)

• if you have a home security system, let them know the dates you will be gone & who to contact in case of emergency

• pay rent & other bills that will be due while you're away

• check out local hospitals covered by your health insurance

• install/recharge batteries

• forward/hold mail (click here to do it online)

A Few Hours Prior

• clean out fridge/pantry

• empty trash cans & take out the trash

• turn off the lights (put the lights on a timer, if possible, so the house appears lived in)

• wash the dishes

• unplug electrical items

• turn down the temperature in your home

• lock all doors and windows

Travel Tips and Tools:

Transform packing into a quick, easy activity with the following general guidelines. Below is an example of how to apply these...

  1. Use your bed to lay everything out in front of you.
  2. Pick out an outfit for each day's activities to ensure you have enough clothing and put it on your bed.
  3. Gather the miscellaneous materials such as toiletries, cameras, backpacks, purses, books, sunglasses, and so on.
  4. Now all you need to do is put everything in a suitcase! Remember, to do this strategically. Put the items you'll need first or most often in an accessible section or pocket.

The following example demonstrates how to apply the above general tips on packing a suitcase to a specific vacation...

Let's say you are going to the beach for the weekend. Laid out on your bed should be...

  • Saturday At The Beach: bathing suit, bathing suit cover, flip flops, shorts, t-shirt
  • Saturday Night Dinner: jeans, a light top, casual shoes, small purse
  • Sunday's Trip Home: comfortable pants/shorts, t-shirt
  • Accessories & Other Items: hat, beach towels, book, sunscreen, toiletries, sunglasses, chapstick, beach bag, belt, socks, underwear, bras, bandanas, phone chargers, music, airline tickets

Two more handy tips...

  1. Here's more on packing a suitcase without wasting space and 6 things to consider first.
  2. TRAVELING ON AN AIRPLANE? WORRIED ABOUT LOST LUGGAGE? One of my best air travel packing tips is to divide your family's belongings among each bag. If one bag doesn't arrive at the destination, everyone still has what they need.

Travel Tips and Tools:

Grid-It Organizer

This product rocks! It keeps all those little things from getting lost or tangled. Use it in the car, in your luggage, in your backpack, purse, anywhere it will fit!

Travel Jewelry Roll

Store your jewelry in the different compartments of this travel organizer and arrive at your destination without the usual tangled mess!

Clear Travel Pouches

Clear bags make it simple to store and locate your items easily.

Document Travel Organizer

Keep your travel papers, identification documents and more in this zippered travel organizer.

Packing Cubes

Sort and organize the stuff in your suitcase using these awesome packing cubes! You could sort them by type of clothing, by outfit, by family member, whatever makes sense to you.

Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek has fantastic travel products from luggage to security products to packing supplies. Check it out!

Lift N Find Clothing Storage Solutions
These clothing trays keep the clothing in your drawers and/or suitcase organized, so you can find what you need in a snap without unfolding anything. It's also an eco-friendly product. Check it out!

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