I Have Stuff To Sell. Where Do I Sell My Stuff?

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Wondering, "how do I sell my stuff?" These informative tips will help you figure out how to sell your stuff and where to sell stuff.

sell my stuff online

Sell your unwanted stuff successfully and get rid of the clutter! Selling your items is a great option for discarding things you don't want or no longer need.

If it still works and is in good condition, why not sell it? Free yourself of clutter and make some money at the same time. Not bad!

The following tips on how to sell stuff will get you started. Below you will find guidance on how to sell your item and getting the item ready as well as a website guide. Good luck!

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Sell My Stuff: Distinguish How To Sell The Item

Here are some quick rules of thumb for figuring out what avenue to take when you have stuff to sell.

• CONSIGNMENT: used items in good condition like clothing and furniture

• eBAY (or the like): small, shippable items like electronics and vintage collectibles

• ESTATE SALE: low value items that you KNOW the price of like kids' games and costume jewelry

• AUCTION: high value items like art and jewelry

Sell My Stuff: Do Your Research

When you decide to sell your items and how you are going to do so, do some online research.

See what others have done and experienced when selling their things in different ways. For example, do you want to try to sell the items yourself on websites like Amazon or eBay or do you want to let someone else do it for part of the profit like ISoldIt?

If you are going to sell something yourself, look up the cost of buying the item brand new on retail websites as well as purchasing the item used on resale websites like Craigslist. Take this into account when pricing your item as well as how old the item is, how easy it is to find it, what condition it is in and how it's getting to the customer (which could mean extra shipping and insurance expenses or perhaps a discount if they are picking it up and taking it away for you).

Another research resource is LiveAuctioneers.com to look up the value of items and aid in selling stuff via auction.

Sell My Stuff: Make Sure The Item Is Ready

1. Gather all of the parts when selling a product that has multiple pieces (including the manual if you have it).

2. Clean the product so that it looks like something you'd want to buy.

3. Remove anything personal from the item (i.e. erase the hard drive of a computer, take out clothing tags with names on them).

Sell My Stuff: Website Guide On Where To Sell What

HowToConsign.com - Consignment Information

Narts.org - Consignment Shop Locator

Clothing & Accessories

CoutureUSA.com - Women's Clothing & Accessories

eBay - Designer Clothing & Accessories, Children's Clothing & Accessories

Etsy.com - Unique or Handmade Clothing & Accessories

Klury.com - Women's Designer Clothing & Accessories

Rebagg.com - Designer Handbags

SnobSwap.com - Women's Designer Clothing & Accessories

Threadflip.com - Women's Clothing & Accessories

ThredUp.com - Kid's Clothing

Tradesy.com - Clothing & Accessories

Electronics, Books & Other Media

Amazon.com - Books, CDs, DVDs

Gazelle.com - Old Electronics

Glyde.com - Buy & Sell Old Electronics

Guzu.com - Old Electronics (Take almost everything!)

Half.com - Textbooks

Ink Cartridges (for printers)

Home Goods & Furniture

Amazon.com - Books, CDs, DVDs (and sell stuff like children toys in good condition)

Craigslist.org - Used Furniture, Baby Gear (and a lot of other stuff)

Other Items

NeverLikedItAnyway.com - Once Loved Gifts from Once Loved Lovers

PlayItAgainSports.com - Athletic Gear

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