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Concert? Football game? Tailgating ideas?! We have done A LOT of tailgating. Sometimes...well, a lot of times...the tailgate before the event is so much fun that you don't want to leave. But that kind of awesomeness only comes with preparation...

tailgating ideas

Tailgating, like any other activity, is always better when nothing is forgotten and everything is easy to access.

There are a lot of components to this pre-game or pre-show activity (i.e. packing the car, cooking the tailgating food, playing tailgating games, cleaning up), so it is imperative to properly plan the whole thing for a successful and smooth outdoor event.

Maximize your fun with the following tailgating tips for an effortlessly successful tailgate and a complete list of supplies!

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Tailgating Ideas: The Storage

Use large, clear plastic bins with lids to store all of your gear. This way all of your paper products, cooking tools, trash bags, etc. are together and can be easily transported from the basement or garage to the car. You can also see inside the bin to take a quick inventory of what's missing. (**Use this tailgating tip for your camping gear as well!**)

Tailgating Essentials: The Tailgating Checklist

You learn as you go. Every time you tailgate, you think of something that could have made the experience better and swear to yourself that you won't forget it next time. Well why don't you do just that?

Create a running list of things that need to be remembered to enhance your outside fun. Take it with you for those moments of realization to easily jot down the item. Keep the list in a sheet protector, so you can wipe it off when greasy hands get a hold of it.

Tailgating Essentials: The Supplies

tailgating bbq grill
grilling utensils
grilling accessories (propane or coals)
pots and pans
oven mitts
aluminum foil
fire extinguisher

plastic plates and bowls
plastic silverware
serving utensils
table cloth (weights or clips to hold table cloth on in windy conditions)

bottled water
plastic cups
bottle/can/wine opener

trash bags
Clorox Wipes
paper towels
Ziploc bags

Hanging Out
folding chairs

Handy Extras
white board to display menu
bungee cords
first aid kit
toolbox of general tools
jumper cables (and spare tire)
toilet paper
rain/snow gear (boots, gloves)
sun gear (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
extra clothes in case something gets wet
heartburn and headache medicines
sports-themed items (flag)
games (Washers or Corn Hole)

Tailgating Ideas: The Products

Below are some awesome products just for simplifying the experience. Use the right and left arrows to scroll. Check them out!

Tailgating Chairs
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Tailgating Tent
Looking for a tailgating canopy? Check out these top-rated shelters!

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