How To Change My Name - The Simple Change Last Name Checklist

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Did you just get married? Wondering "how to change my name?"

I know this must be a little overwhelming. It's your name! It's on absolutely EVERYTHING and it ALL has to be updated.

Not to worry. Here, I have provided you with some tips on how to change your name and a change last name checklist I created and used myself. With this information, changing your name will be a breeze.

In fact, this is actually a fun process. You get to tell people, "I recently got married," which usually triggers an immediate "Oh! Congratulations!" Then (and I can't tell you how many times I heard this), whoever you are talking to will end the conversation calling you Mrs. fill-in-the-blank-with-your-new-last-name. It's a sweet reminder that you're a wife now, so smile and have fun with this. :)

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How To Change My Name:
Things To Consider First

When you start this process is important. Some people do it before the wedding and some do their name change after marriage. I highly recommend doing it post wedding for a couple of reasons...

First, you most likely have travel plans in place for your honeymoon, and with all the security measures in place at airports these days you'll want your name on everything (identification, credit cards, airplane tickets, etc.) to match.

Second, you have worked hard enough to plan the wedding, so don't add anything unnecessary to the list. This process is much easier when you are relaxed and can take your time with it.

Remember to keep your travel plans in mind after the honeymoon as well. If you're traveling again in the months afterward, be sure to keep some documents with your old name or whatever is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

How To Change My Name:
The Checklist

how to change my name

You'll notice that the first few items on this "How To Change My Name" checklist are numbered and should be done in that order. You can change your name on the remaining items in the order that you see fit and/or makes sense to you.

• FIRST, request certified copies of your marriage certificate. I had 3 sent to me. This way I was covered if I didn't get one back. For example, you have to send in an actual certified copy to change your passport as opposed to just faxing a copy like I was able to do for my health insurance provider. In addition, this allowed me to change my name on more than one item on my list at once.

• SECOND, do your social security card name change. You'll need a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Go to the social security website for more information on how to do a social security name change and to download the social security name change form to be filled out.

• THIRD, update your driver's license or identification card. You'll need your updated social security card, the certified copy of your marriage certificate and your old driver's license. Visit your local DMV's website for further details.

**You can change your name on the remaining items in the order that you see fit. Below is the order I did it in.**

• Bank accounts, investments accounts, etc.

• Business related items like tax identification number, business license, DBA, etc.

• Insurance - health, auto, life, renter's, home, business, you name it

• Credit cards and then anything that is automatically charged each month

• Utility accounts and any other bills

• Online accounts, memberships, etc.

• Believe it or not, I updated my passport last. I did this so that I had one piece of identification with my old name on it just in case.

• There is A LOT of stuff with your name on it, so just keep this in the back of your mind and change anything not on this list as you come across it.

How To Change My Name:
Extra Resources

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  3. Do a search on "how to change my name" and add your state for detailed results. Remember the internet is your friend!
  4. I cannot say enough good things about The Complete Wedding Planner & Organizer! I followed it every step of the way, and planning my wedding was so much easier. It's full of wedding ideas, tips and tricks, and I highly recommend it to all brides.

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