Christmas Organizer Tips - The Count Down Timeline, Inventory Process & Organizing Products

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Simplify your holiday season with these great Christmas organizer tips, timeline planning and product suggestions!

Christmas Count Down Title

Christmas organizing is very important as this jolly time of year can be very hectic: pick out the tree, purchase presents, put up lights, decorate the tree, print holiday cards, wrap presents, put up holiday decor, ship presents, stuff stockings, Santa's coming!

On this page you'll find a count down timeline, inventory tips for Christmas supplies, storage and organizing product suggestions and holiday gift giving tips. Utilize the following Christmas organizer tips to be on time, orderly and stress-free this holiday season. How jolly!

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The Christmas Count Down Timeline

Christmas organizing success depends heavily on time management.

  1. Set deadlines for every task involved.
  2. Be sure to stick to the plan once it's mapped out on your calendar.

This will ensure you get things done without having to rush around at the last minute and allow you to actually enjoy the approaching holidays.

Here's your Christmas event planning timeline...

During/Right After Thanksgiving

  • Create a folder labeled "Christmas" which will house all papers, lists, recipes, decoration tips, gift giving ideas etc. having to do with the holiday and/or create relevant Pinterest boards if you're doing this digitally. (This is essential for Christmas organizer success. What good is it if you can't find the checklists you put so much effort into?)

  • Gather wish lists from family members and store them in your Christmas folder or a "gift ideas" Pinterest board. (You don't want to be frantically rushing around the mall the day before Christmas.)

  • Gather any addresses that you need for sending out holiday cards.

  • Check your inventory (e.g. already purchased gifts, decorations, lights, wrapping paper). Make a list of what you need and put it in your Christmas folder. See below for this process broken down into simple steps.

First Week Of December

  • Gather all family members interested and go pick out the tree.

  • Get started on holiday cards: begin making them or browse through options and have them printed.

  • Start purchasing gifts for loved ones (especially those you have to ship).

  • Decorate the tree.

  • Put up the house lights and decorations.

Second Week Of December

  • Send out holiday cards.

  • Continue purchasing gifts.

  • Ship all presents going to non-local loved ones.

Third Week Of December

  • Continue purchasing gifts.

  • Start wrapping presents.

  • Do an in depth cleaning of the house (e.g. dusting, window washing, clean out the fridge).

  • Confirm all holiday travel plans.

Fourth Week Of December

  • Finish purchasing gifts by early in the week.

  • Finish wrapping presents.

  • Clean the house. Since you have already done your deep cleaning, this is a good time to do simple tasks such as putting away all rogue items floating around the house.

The Night Before

  • Put all of the presents under the tree. (Make sure the kids are really asleep.)

  • Fill the stockings with little gifts.

  • Put out cookies for Santa.

  • Get some sleep; it's going to be an early day tomorrow.

Christmas Tree Gifts wm

Christmas Day

  • Open presents!!!

  • Stuff used wrapping paper and bows in trash bags AS gifts are being opened.

  • Enjoy your Christmas organizer success.

(The Days) After Christmas

  • Throw away any used wrapping paper, bows, tags, etc. that is left over.

  • Go through your Christmas folder: get rid of all unnecessary papers, keep the ones that will be useful next year, store the folder (in your filing cabinet, in the bin with Christmas decorations, whatever makes sense so you'll find it).

  • Pack up decorations, lights, etc. in clear plastic bins (see one of mine in the photo below). See Christmas decoration storage product suggestions below.

    **Tip: As you do this, trash and/or donate items that are no longer usable and that you didn't use this year and won't in the coming years. Don't store unnecessary items.**

Christmas Organizing Bin WM

The Christmas Inventory Process

One of the most common ways people accumulate clutter is purchasing items they already have, because they can't see or find them. A large part of Christmas organizing is keeping the supplies in check.

  • Gather all of your holiday items. You want to be able to see everything (e.g. decorations, wrapping paper, stockings). Throw away all broken and/or unusable items, and donate things in good condition that you know you won't use.

  • Organize what you have by separating items into categories (lights, candles, ornaments) and storing them accordingly. Check out the Christmas tree storage boxes and other product suggestions below.

  • Make a list. Jot down the items you need AND have room to store. Also, keep in mind the things you have used in the past that haven't worked out so well (e.g. the fresh, beautiful Christmas garland that the dog thought was grass).

Now you are ready to purchase new holiday items!

The Christmas Organizer Products

Christmas organizer products are essential to a fluid holiday season. Wouldn't you like to be able to locate all of your decorations and find them intact when you do? Check out the suggested items below.

How To Celebrate A Jewish Christmas
Interfaith family? Us too! This is how we make our interfaith relationship work wonderfully!

100 Days To Christmas
This is the ULTIMATE guide on getting ready for Christmas. I highly, highly recommend it! This book is a complete guide and seriously leaves no detail out. It breaks down all your tasks into simple, daily, quick projects and makes prepping for the holiday season SO easy. Take a look!

Christmas Ornament Storage Box
This attractive Christmas organizer product is great for storing ornaments and has handles for easy transport. It has dividers for holding items in place and keeping your holiday decor dust-free.

Holiday Lights Storage Duffel
This Christmas organizer is a light storage bag and is a must have! It has 4 light winders to store string lights, has a red festive design, and handles. No more tangled messes!

Hanging Gift-Wrap Organizer
What would this holiday be without presents?! Christmas organizing includes getting wrapping paper and accessories in order, and this product does the job. Check it out!

Sterilite Clear Tote
This durable product is great storing everything else. It features clear plastic for easy content recognition and can be stacked saving valuable space.

Christmas Tree Storage Container
Looking for a Christmas tree storage box? This one has good reviews and it rolls!

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