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Searching for a life organizer who can teach you how to declutter your home or help with home office organization or time management? You found her!

That's me in the photo on the right. My name is Nealey Stapleton; it's a pleasure to meet you.

If you're reading this page, then I assume you're interested in learning more about hiring a professional home organizer to help get things in order...


You know when...

  • your keys or your purse have been misplaced and you end up being late for something? something important?
  • the same item gets purchased multiple times because you can't find the one you already have?
  • stuff gets frantically shoved into a closet or fills an entire room and the door is pulled shut to keep guests from seeing the mess?
  • your child complains about not being able to find stuff?

By hiring a professional life organizer, you can avoid all of the above in addition to the tons of other things that cause frustration in your life. Simply put, a professional organizer makes your life SO MUCH EASIER and SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE.


Save Time

Do you know how much time is wasted due to lack of organization? It's COLOSSAL!

Hiring a life organizer could lead to things like...

  • knowing where almost every little thing in your house is located.
  • successfully creating habits and implementing routines (i.e. morning routine, email routine, laundry routine, cooking routine, fitness routine).
  • decreasing procrastination and increasing productivity which leads to successfully achieving goals.

Save Money

Do you know how much money I've saved my clients?!!!

For example, one time during a hands-on organizing session...

  • I found a hefty check that my client had misplaced.
  • I helped a client organize his tax documents, so he was able to find and write off his charitable deductions for the year.
  • I helped a client organize all of her books, and we found multiples of the same ones. She sold the duplicates on Amazon and no longer buys the same books over and over again.

Get Happy & Get Healthy

The kind of outcomes that result from hiring a life organizer like the ones listed above can lead to...

  • increased motivation
  • higher energy
  • more inspiration
  • boosted happiness
  • eating healthier
  • working out more
  • making more money
  • spending more time with family
  • a better life on all fronts!


I currently serve the Washington, DC metro area, specifically the northern Virginia suburbs and Montgomery County, Maryland. I specialize in home and home office organizing. Here are some of the services I offer...

I will help you make the decisions necessary to eliminate the excess from your home, home office and/or life.

Area underneath the stairs? Teeny tiny closet? Narrow kitchen? I will help you cleverly utilize the entire space, no matter the shape or size.

Whether it's paper or it's digital, I will teach you how to process all incoming information, how to decide what to keep and then how to organize that which is kept in a way that can be retrieved at a later time.

Can't find stuff? Don't know where to put things? I will help you create homes and storage systems for everything you own, so that finding and putting items away is easy and makes sense.

Always late? Procrastinating a lot? Having trouble with getting things done? I will teach you how to manage your time better by creating habits and implementing routines customized just for you.


"I can't tell you how much I love what you did for my closet - It has been an amazing transformation for me. I am hanging up my clothes, folding my casual pants and have even taken something off the hanger realizing I am not going to wear it again and have placed it in my give away bag. I love that now I enjoy going in my closet...It is a wonderful feeling...Thank you again!!!!"

Wendee in Rockville, MD

"Nealey was extremely helpful in organizing my kitchen and attic. Immediately, she was able to see a better system of organizing the rooms that cut down on clutter. Her organizing solutions have been extremely helpful and have proved easy to maintain. She worked efficiently and was pleasant to work with. I would recommend her highly to anyone looking to get their house under control!"

Brooke in Washington, DC

"Working with Nealey was a total joy -- she is incredibly professional, creative, and energetic. I learned so much from her expertise in organizing! My space is so much more functional, calm, and pleasant as a result. I can't get over the difference that she made -- I feel like I have a new living space. This was by far one of the best investments I've made in myself and my day-to-day happiness. I cannot recommend Nealey and her On Track system enough. If you're thinking about hiring a professional organizer -- do it! It is totally worth it! I wish I had done it sooner!"

Erin in Washington, DC

"Nealey is a godsend. I have worked with her multiple times in situations ranging from just feeling buried under a mountain of stuff to packing for a big trip. She took charge and helped me swiftly tackle every organizational challenge, big and small. I have heaps of costumes and accessories. I used to have to do a full-body dive under my bed to find gloves and a sky-high climb over mountains of bins to reach my wigs. Nealey did her magic to find space I hadn't considered before and help me get rid of junk to create space. Now I can quickly find whatever I need and easily put it away."

Miriam in Washington, DC


Here are the answers to some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about organizing your life.

Need a visual of what a life organizer can do? Here are BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of spaces I have organized.

 Our News!

  • Nealey Stapleton was voted 2011 Professional Organizer of the Year by her NAPO DC peers! (May 2011)
  • Nealey Stapleton was elected the Director of Communications & Technology for NAPO DC for a 3rd term! (May 2011)
  • John and Nealey got married...introducing you to the Stapletons! (September 2010)
  • Nealey Levi was elected the Director of Communications & Technology for NAPO DC for a 2nd term! (May 2010)
  • Nealey Levi was elected the Director of Communications & Technology for NAPO DC! (May 2009)
  • Nealey Levi created (June 2008)
  • Nealey Levi established On Track Organizing services (February 2007)


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