Are You A Busy Person Struggling With Clutter Build Up?

Nealey Stapleton

Hi, I'm Nealey Stapleton. Nice to meet you! I personally use this system to stay organized in my own home and business, and it's what I teach my one-on-one clients. I LOVE helping others get organized, so enter your email address below to sign up for my newsletter and get access to it.

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Can't Thank Nealey Stapleton Enough!!! 
Amazingly helpful tactics for what has seemed like an insurmountable set of problems with clutter, disorganization, procrastination, and hysterical paralysis! … 
Just arrived at this site. Am somewhat hopeful that this is the "answer" that I have been searching for. Desperately need to organize my home and life. …

Great Ideas 
Some really good ideas I think I can implement. I really liked the idea of keeping a bag or box in my closet to toss clothing items into that I no longer …

I've Started Already 
Even before reading all the links you mention, I am motivated to start dealing with my clutter problem. I took your "Do something each day" advice to heart …

Great Quick Tips 
I really liked that I got some great information in such a short read. So many books have a bunch of useless information just to make the book longer, …

Great information. Simple. Easy read. Motivating. Doable.

Thank you! 
I love the idea of breaking organizing/decluttering down into small, daily tasks that create a huge change over time!

It's motivating. Thanks for all the links. Can't wait to check them out.

Thank You 
An easy read, with good info!

I found this to be motivating me to get started tackle the clutter in my home. Appreciate links for specific areas to address. Looking forward …

Great Information 
I loved your ideas! I always "used to be" very organized and then was not feeling well and it became very easy to put things off. I just needed the push …

Loved it! 
A nice brief run-thru of all the organizing tricks that we need! Not enough to send you into "organizing frenzy" but enough to get you thinking! Lots …

Simple and Doable Not rated yet
Just one step can give a new perspective and make clutter manageable.

Helpful Not rated yet
It was an easy to understand, helpful tool to use.

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