Crock Pot Cooking Tips - Easy Crock Pot Meals That Are Effortless And Oh So Delicious

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Welcome to my page of crock pot cooking tips! One of my best cooking tips is to use a slow cooker for a number of reasons.

crock pot cooking tipsJuicy Pork Tenderloin With Balsamic Vinegar & Dijon Mustard

I love my crock pot SO much. It's like I have an assistant in the kitchen which is pretty sweet. A few reasons I heart my slow cooker include:

  • It saves me time, so I can be productive elsewhere.
  • It's good for my wallet, because I can cook in bulk and freeze the leftovers.
  • It was a fantastically easy way for me to get my feet wet in the cooking world.
  • The meals come out so dang delicious, I simply can't resist.

Thus, without further ado, here are my top 5 crock pot tips for making effortless meals. Whether you're looking for cooking tips for beginners or you're more experienced, I think you'll find the following helpful. Happy cooking!

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My Top 5 Crock Pot Cooking Tips For Creating A Meal That Tastes Like You've Been In The Kitchen All Day

Except that you haven't. F&$% that! You've been getting stuff done and your day was super productive instead. Hell yeah!

So in my opinion, novice or expert, the best crock pot recipes are the simple ones and here are some of my favorites in addition to my best crock pot tips. Bon appetit!

Crock Pot Cooking Tips
1. 4 Ingredients Or Less

Let's start with the number of ingredients. Less is better. It's better for your time, better for your wallet and tastes just as scrumptious, if not more. You can decide what your magic number is, but I like to keep the number of ingredients (not counting spices) to 4, and it's not hard to find these recipes. In fact, there are TONS!

Crock Pot Cooking Tips
2. Throw It All In

The next feature of an easy crock pot recipe is that it requires you to do no more than throw all the ingredients into the crock pot and turn it on. Now to be clear, I'll do the prep like washing, cutting and peeling. What I try to avoid is the recipes that require you to do a little bit of cooking like saute something in a pan first or what have you.

Crock Pot Cooking Tips
3. Use Crock Pot Liners

I heart crock pot liners!!! Have you ever tried to clean a crock pot after something has been slow cooking in it all day? It's very messy and a lot of scrubbing is involved. No thank you. Simply place a crock pot liner in the slow cooker before you put your ingredients in, and the clean up will be as easy as it was to make dinner.

Crock Pot Cooking Tips
4. Cook More Than You'll Eat

Double your recipe or more if you can. This way you can have leftovers the next day for lunch or dinner, and/or you can freeze it. If you do freeze it, be sure to label the bag or container with what it is and the date. That's for obvious reasons of course, but I have also found that crock pot meals (which are mixed up moshes of ingredients) are particularly hard to identify after they've been in the freezer a while.

Crock Pot Cooking Tips
5. Serve With An Easy Side Dish

Usually I put meat and veggies in the slow cooker and then serve that with something simple like a salad. What good would using the crock pot be if your side dish was too complicated? My favorite easy side dishes are rice, cous cous and salad. What are yours? Feel free to leave me a comment in the Facebook box below. I'd love to hear from you!

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