Recycle Household Items - Easy Ways To Recycle Your Stuff & Keep It Out Of Landfills

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Looking to recycle household items and keep them out of landfills? Check out these easy ways to recycle and our directory of amazing resources!

Fill out the form on this page to find recycling locations in your area according to what type of item you are trying to recycle.

Check out the list below of where to recycle things categorized by the type of item as well as the checklist for recycling paper.

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Recycling Resources

What To Shed & What To Shred

Free yourself from the paper monster! Half of the battle of organizing paper files is knowing what to discard. This list will get you started.

Paper to Recycle

  • manuals and/or instruction booklets for items you no longer have or no longer work
  • irrelevant notes and/or notebooks from school
  • outdated articles, magazines, and newspapers
  • recipes you can no longer read
  • old printed emails
  • materials of events past
  • expired coupons
  • unnecessary or duplicate take out menus
  • old business cards
  • outdated memberships and/or subscriptions

Paper to Shred

  • utility bills more than a year old
  • bank statements more than 3 years old
  • outdated auto insurance policies
  • receipts with credit card numbers on them
  • ancient parking tickets
  • old deposit receipts
  • anything you are discarding that has sensitive information on it (social security number, date of birth, etc.)


Categorized List Of Where To Recycle Household Items

where to recycle household items

Aerosol Cans

  • With other metal cans (has to be empty, pull off cap)



CDs, DVDs, & Jewel Cases


  • Mail old crocs to: Crocs Recycling West, 3375 Enterprise Avenue, Bloomington, CA 92316


Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire-equipment companies


Hangers (wire)

  • With other household metal products
  • Give back to the dry cleaners


  • With other scrap metal

Light Bulbs


Metal Utensils

  • With other scrap metal

Nail Clippers

  • With other scrap metal

Pet Food Packaging

Printer Cartridges


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