Living Consciously - Organized Living Habits

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Ever wonder how organized people stay organized?

Living consciously and organized living habits involve a little everyday organization. Check out these tips for becoming organized and creating an organized home one day at a time.

Organized living means committing to certain habits that yield such a lifestyle. Once you've adopted these organizing habits, you'll be doing these things without actively thinking about them. How delightful!

The following are organized living habits that have contributed to my tidy lifestyle. I hope this helps you in your journey towards authentic happiness and getting organized. Enjoy!

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3 Habits That Contribute To Organized Living

Living Consciously - Organized Living Habit #1

Of course this ideal applies to material things, but it is also appropriate for so much more (like your time, thoughts and relationships).

Material Things
The most obvious application is for material things.

For example, I will only go shopping when I need something specific, and I do my best to only buy the items I originally went for. (Here are tips on how to stop shopping and books that might help even more.)

This ideal also applies to gifts people give me, the mail and any other means of material things entering my spaces, my home and my life. The second I get the item I ask myself if I really need it, and I immediately pitch it in the trash, recycling or donation bag if I decide that I don't.

Live in the present, embrace the power of now and decide right away if an item you've just acquired has a purpose in your life. If it doesn't or if you have something like it or you can do some upcycling of another item to serve the same purpose, then don't think twice or feel guilty about letting it go.

Tasks/Things To Do
It's impossible to stay organized if you constantly schedule your time away and are therefore always running on empty.

For example, I DO NOT attend everything I'm invited to or take on every task item that is presented to me. Instead I ask myself if I really need it and if my time can be better used towards another effort (which could also mean simply relaxing if I deem it necessary).

Do you have a friend or relationship that involves too much drama? Causes mental clutter? You could really do without?


I make it a point to surround myself with people that are only positive and encouraging forces in my life. That said, I understand that you can't always easily remove negative people (like family members) from your life. However, you can limit how much you interact with them. Do what is best for you!

Living Consciously - Organized Living Habit #2

Have you ever heard the saying, "A place for everything and everything in its place?" That is what this organized living consciously habit is about and is one of my best home organization tips for keeping your spaces clear of clutter.

Before I get to the actual habit, it's important to note that for this to work, everything in your house, office, car, and any other space needs a home.

A quick and simple example is my keys go on the hook by the front door. That is their home, and they are always there when I'm in the house.

Now back to the habit. Continuing with my above example, I put my keys on the hook by the front door every single time I come in the house. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I do it now without even thinking about it, and I always know where they are. My morning routine never suffers due to misplacing my keys, and the overall convenience is fabulous.

Apply this to EVERYTHING. Put the groceries away as soon as you come home with them. If the mail is in your hand, sort it right away. Put away the clean laundry in the closet or dresser right after folding it.

Putting this living consciously habit into practice is essential to keeping a clutter-free space. If you put things away immediately, then you won't have piles of stuff on your surfaces.

Living Consciously - Organized Living Habit #3

With the above said, I want you to know that I'm not a robot or perfect or anything like that. :) There are things that don't get put away ALL the time. That's where this next organizing habit comes in.

One of my top tips on how to get organized (and stay organized) is...I do a little organizing or tidying every day. When I say a little, I mean a little. For about 20 minutes in the morning, I'll do things like make my bed, bring the dishes to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher, fix the couch pillows and fold the blankets, change the dog's water and put away any rogue items from the day before.

Do you think you can spare 20 minutes a day? Of course you can! Commit to this and you'll see a huge difference in no time.

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