Turn Negative Thought Into Motivational Thought & Achieve Authentic Happiness

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Positive thinking is vital to good mental health. Turn negative thought into motivational thoughts, and you will achieve authentic happiness.

What you think will happen...will happen.

Since positive thinking is crucial for good mental health, it therefore is to physical health as well.

Think happy thoughts and good things will happen. Everyone has bad things occur; that's part of life. However, I truly believe that putting positive energy out into the universe will only bring it back around to you.

Below is a running list of negative thinking we can all do without, so free your mind...and the rest will follow (couldn't resist writing that). Enjoy!

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Feeling Down In The Dumps?
Declutter These Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

1. Thinking that you're never good enough

2. Trying to be perfect (whatever that means)

3. Believing that you are alone in this world

4. Always comparing yourself to others

5. Wanting everyone to like you

6. Thinking you're always right

7. Always imagining bad outcomes

8. Thinking that your best days have already happened

9. Dwelling on the bad times instead of the good ones

10. Thinking you're always wrong

11. Trying to please others before or instead of yourself

12. Asking "Why me?" over and over again

13. Jumping to negative conclusions without knowing all the details

14. Constantly telling yourself and others that you can't

15. Obsessively thinking about the what ifs

Here are some great books on getting rid of negative thoughts.

A Simple Way To Eliminate Negative Thought Is To Appreciate Life's Humorous Moments. The Benefits Of Laughter Are Huge...

"John handed me a piece of cheddar cheese and said, “Be careful, that’s sharp!” I, of course, called him a dork but chuckled because it was actually funny.

Think positively. There’s a positive side to any situation, even if you don’t see it right away..." - Read Chapter 2 of my book here - How To Be Mental In A Good Way!

What Can Positive Thinking Do For Me?

1. What goes around comes around. Seriously. If you think happy thoughts and have a good attitude, you'll see that positivity return to you in every aspect of your life (business, personal, family, friends, etc.). It's also important to be able to recognize it, so appreciate all of the big and small good things in your environment.

2. Attract love. Building upon number 1, if you put out positive energy into the universe then you will get it back from others. If you are upbeat, you will draw in valuable relationships. This can refer to a romantic partner, a good friendship, a successful business relationship, synergy with your pet or any other connection you can think of.

3. Reduce stress. Anxiety, depression and all of those negative thoughts only cause stress on your mind and therefore your body as well. Positive thoughts do the exact opposite. I know this is easier than done so... Worrying is one of my natural thinking processes, so I've come up with a solution to tame this beast. Whenever I'm worried about something more than I know I should be, I come up with a solution or a plan for the "if." Then I am prepared and can let the worry go.

4. Lead to success. If you think, "I can and I will," then you can and you will. This is the straight path to being successful in anything you do. If you are positive, then you are determined and motivated and almost inevitably successful. Apply this to your career, your workout routine, your hobby, everything! Note, if something doesn't actually pan out, then you didn't fail...you learned how not to do something. :)

5. Become stronger. That's right. Eliminating negative thought and being a positive person makes you a stronger person. Bad things happen to everyone. What matters is how you deal with it. If something bad happens, then think...how you can learn from it, how you can become better because of it, how you can help others because of it. Put in another way, would you rather be the weak person that shrinks away when something horrible occurs or the superhero whose "muscles" grow because it occurred?

Here are positive thinking quotes (or positive thinking phrases) that are good for the mind, body and soul, and here are 10 simple things you can do to smile more and be happier.

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