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Looking for resources for shredding paper? Free shredding day events? Paper shredding services? Paper shredding machine? You've come to the right place!

Paper shredding is an important part of protecting yourself against identity theft. I highly recommend shredding anything containing sensitive information on a regular basis.

Below you'll find a working guide on paper shredding...

  • a list of what papers to shred
  • a customized search so you can locate community shred events
  • advice on hiring a paper shredding company
  • paper shredding product recommendations

Enjoy and happy shredding!

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What To Shred

Paper Shredding List
As a quick and good rule of thumb, I shred any discards that contain:

account number
social security number
date of birth
driver's license number
medical information

For a very awesome and complete list of what papers to shred and what not to shred, check out's Shredding Paper List.

shredding paper cheat sheet

Paper Shredding Services

Free Paper Shredding Service - Community Event
If you have a box or two of paper to shred, then consider attending a local free shredding event. Typically, you can bring up to 5 boxes of paper to be shredded for free and a small donation to whoever is putting on the event (or to a specific charity) is encouraged.

Use the below customized search to find local paper shredding day events in your area! In the search box, type in the name of your county or city and then "community shred" or "community shred event" or any similar variation (i.e. "Fairfax County Community Shred").


Document Shredding Services - Shredding Company
If you have more than a couple of boxes of paper to shred (i.e. business paper shredding or you did a big paper purge), then consider hiring a paper shredding service.

Some helpful things to consider:

  • Mobile paper shredding - There are companies that offer mobile shredding in which they drive their paper shredding truck to you. This is nice, because your sensitive discards get shredded immediately, sometimes in front of you. However, this option can also be more expensive.
  • Drop off paper shredding - There are companies that will shred your paper for very reasonable prices, but they require you to bring it all to their location.
  • Shredding company reputation - Do some online research to make sure the paper shredding company you choose has a good reputation and is trustworthy. After all, you are giving them papers that contain sensitive information and can be detrimental if they end up in the wrong hands. I recommend you get a referral from someone who's used the company before and/or read reviews on websites like Yelp or Angie's List.

Paper Shredding Products

Below are some shredding paper product suggestions for personal use.

Paper Shredding Machine

Paper Shredding Scissors

These stainless steel scissors are perfect for quick, manual shredding.

Identity Theft Protection Rubber Stamp

Another great way to protect your sensitive information is to black it out. This stamp does the job and is a fast alternative to shredding every little piece of paper.

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