How To Organize Your Dresser - Drawer Organization Ideas To Prevent Your Dresser From Throwing Up Clothes All Over Your Room

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Wondering how to organize your dresser? Does it look like a monster came in to your room and threw up clothing everywhere? LOL.

how to organize your dresser

It happens to the best of us, and here are 3 things you can do to take back control of your dresser drawers. Let's knock this thing out!

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3 Dresser Drawer Organization Ideas For Conquering The Clothing Monster

How To Organize Your Dresser
You have too much sh!t.

Almost all of us have more stuff than we need, and your dresser will never stay organized if it's being crammed with too much sh-tuff. My first go-to solution for getting organized is to purge, and this is no exception.

Empty your dresser drawers one at a time and go through each item with an editing eye. Sort into 3 categories:

  • definitely keep
  • definitely donate
  • not sure

The "definitely keep" items should be folded neatly and put back into the dresser. Keep reading for more on how to fold clothes and photos.

The "definitely donate" clothes should be put into a donation bag immediately. Keep this donation bag handy at all times, so that you can easily and quickly toss things in as you come across clothing you'll no longer wear.

The "not sure" pile should be put in a LABELED bag or a box or a bin in your closet or bedroom or wherever you have room for it. Put on your calendar to revisit it in 6 months or one year. If you haven't thought about these items in that time period, then you know you can donate them without a worry.

How To Organize Your Dresser
Out the out-of-season clothing.

If you've purged all that you can and still have overflowing dresser drawers, then it's time to divide and conquer. Put the out-of-season clothing elsewhere and reserve your coveted dresser space for the weather-appropriate attire.

In the warm months, store away all sweaters, long sleeve shirts, sweat pants, thick socks, winter hats, scarves, gloves and anything else that is not necessary. When it gets cold, store away bathing suits, shorts, and any other warm weather gear you won't wear.

QUICK NOTE: I'm not a big fan of those space saver bags. They never end up being as easy to use as the commercials make them out to be. For clothing, I'd recommend something that zips and can easily fit under a bed like this.

Also, here's a ton of ideas on storing clothing that's not in season. I heart Pinterest.

How To Organize Your Dresser
Switch it up.

Ever thought of "filing" your clothes instead of piling them into a drawer? I just started to do this with my t-shirts as well as my husband's and what a difference! It's so much easier to see and to access everything in the drawer. Take a look!

This is one of my dresser drawers in which I've got my t-shirts "filed." You can see how easy it is to identify each shirt and how effortless it is to take something out. (And yes...that is a Pugs shirt I'm pulling out. I love Pugs! By the way, have you met Brisket?)

how to organize your dresser
how to organize your dresser

Now let's do a comparison. I literally just opened my husband's dresser drawers and this is what I found. The drawer in which the t-shirts are filed was completely in tact, and the drawer in which the t-shirts are piled was...not. So filing beats piling every time!

how to organize your dresser
how to organize your dresser

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