Organize My Closet: How To Make The Not-So-Obvious Decisions

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I decided to organize my closet recently and do a little decluttering maintenance. I'm a professional organizer, and I definitely practice what I preach.

That being said, the decluttering I had to do was not for things that I would call obvious. I keep a donation bag in my closet at all times, so as I come across things that I no longer wear I throw them in the bag. Thus the items that were faded, ripped, stained or didn't fit were already in my donation bag.

organize my closet - 3 not so obvious decisions

Yet still, my closet felt full. My dresser drawers were getting harder to close and I was getting low on hangers. I knew it was time to have a decluttering session (NOT buy more hangers), so here's how I made some not-so-obvious decisions about letting go.

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3 Not-So-Obvious Decisions You Can Make When Decluttering Your Closet

They aren't...

  • ripped
  • stained
  • faded
  • stretched
  • too small
  • too big

...but they had to go. Here's how I came to my decisions, and boy did it feel good to shed this stuff.

Organize My Closet
1. Did I fidget with the item once it was on?

Did it squeeze my arm? Or choke my arm pits? I hate that!

Did I have to continually pull it up or down? Did I have to do ANYTHING to adjust the item once it was on my body?


It had to go. I wouldn't wear it. Every time I would consider wearing it, I would say to myself, "That's cute...but it chokes my arm pits." I would pick something else to put on every single time, so in the donation bag it went.

Organize My Closet
2. Did it still have tags on it?

This sounds like an obvious one, but it was hard for me and I'm sure others have felt this way. I came across clothing that still had the tags on it! It was BRAND spanking new! But, alas, it was never worn.

It was stuff that was given to me and because of that, I kept it. However and unfortunately, it just wasn't my style so I was never going to wear it. I knew that when the item was given to me, and I definitely knew it months later at this decluttering moment so out it went along with my guilty feelings.

Organize My Closet
3. Was it a memory?

You can't get rid of memories! Well, you don't have to hold on to physical items that remind you of something, but that's another blog post. Whether or not you let go of them, they don't belong in your closet or your dresser drawers taking up valuable space.

They belong elsewhere like with the other memorabilia or sewn into a memory quilt or what have you. I gathered the items that I considered to be memories that weren't getting worn, and I put them in one of my memory bins.

My next organizing task is to get my memory t-shirts turned into a blanket, but that's another day. :)

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Did you notice how I said my next organizing task was to get my memory t-shirts turned into a blanket, but that's another day?

To ensure that I don't procrastinate about getting this done, I scheduled the next action step on my calendar which is to research companies that provide this service.

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