Closet Organizing Ideas - Design Your Own Closet With These Closet Organizer Ideas!

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Looking for closet organizing ideas and want to create your own dream closet?! With these do-it-yourself tips, you'll be able to organize and design your own closet in no time.

closet organizing ideas

Closet organizers, closet installations, linen closets, entryway closets, clothing closets, closets galore!

Below you will find links to different ways to organize a closet as well as organizing tips for different closets and product suggestions for all.

Hope this helps in your closet organizing quest. Happy organizing!

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FIRST, check out the CLOSET ORGANIZING PROCESS before you read the closet organizing ideas below. It's helpful to know how much you have of everything before purchasing organizing products.

Closet Organizer Ideas
2 Different Ways To Set Up An Organized Closet

Closet Organizer Ideas - Products To Assemble
Want to get organized but don't want to spend money on expensive installs? Check out this page of closet organization systems that only need to be assembled!

Closet Organizing Systems - Products To Install
Want a permanent solution? Take a look at these closet organization kits and installations from John Louis Home, The Container Store and Rubbermaid.

closet organizing ideas

A Professional Organizer's Closet!

One of my favorite closet organizing products is a closet shoe storage item - the drop-front shoe box. As you can see, I use a bunch of drop-front shoe boxes to use all of the vertical space above the one built-in shelf my closet has. They are great for my shoes of course, but I also use them for my husband's shoes, clutches, gloves, scarves and other closet accessories.

Closet Organizing Ideas
Type Of Closet You Want To Organize

Clothing Closet
Want to transform your closet from a concealed mess into a functionally composed space you can be proud of? Click here to read tips on organizing your closet specific to clothing closets.

Linen Closet
Making a bed? Changing out the towels in a bathroom? Searching for a blanket? Do it quickly without frustration and without delaying the task you intend to complete - Click here to read closet storage ideas specific to linen closets.

Entryway Closet
Entryway storage and organization is vital to peace of mind, because this is the area you see right before you leave your home and it's the first thing you see when you come in. Click here to read tips on small closet organization specific to entryway closets.

Closet Organizer Ideas
The Closet Organizing Products

Closet storage units are so much fun and really enhance the appearance of a space. The following are some versatile items that making closet organizing easy as pie!

Drop-Front Shoe Box

This is one of my absolute favorite products! Utilize all of that vertical space in your closet by stacking these bins and storing stuff inside. The drop-front makes it easy to access your items.

Dream Drawer Organizers
Forget the measurements - this expandable and retractable organizing tool creates heaven for closet storage drawers.

Revolving Shoe TreeShoe Racks)
In this corner, taking up only 1 square foot of space, is the shoe tree!! This creative item is easy to assemble and eliminates the shoe piles that seem to just appear around the house.

Hanky-Tanky Hanger (a favorite for organizing closets!)
This awesome invention is a must for organizing closets! It is a specialty hanger that can hold twelve pieces of clothing and displays your garments for easy viewing.

Scarf Hanger
Save some drawer space with an innovative scarf rack! This scarf hanger is resourceful, convenient and sturdy.

As Seen on TV "Shoes Under" Under Bed StorageUnder-Bed Storage)
Organize and protect your shoes with this sturdy closet shoe storage product. It holds up to 12 pairs of shoes and fits nicely under the bed or in the bottom of the closet.

The Instahanger is so handy! We use something like it to hold my husband's clothing when it comes back from the dry cleaners. It gives him easy access to his work clothes and shortens the time it takes him to get ready in the morning.

Neatfreak has so many awesome closet storage ideas and organizing products for shoes, laundry, clothing and more.

Another fabulous resource is They have zillions of things related to home and home improvement. Check them out!

What Are Your Best Closet Organizing Tips?

There are so many ways to organize a closet and the things inside, so share your tips here!

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