Boot Hangers & Boot Storage Ideas

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Looking for boot storage ideas like boot hangers or boot holders? I have organized shoes and boots for a lot of clients in different ways, so you have come to the right place. :)

Below you'll find the process for getting your boots organized, photos of how I store my boots and some great boot storage product suggestions.

Enjoy and happy boot organizing!

boot hangers and storage ideas

This is my collection of boots...well, PART of the collection. Keep reading to find out how I keep them organized and accessible and for some fantastic, easy tips on organizing your boots.

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1. Declutter and sort.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of all the shoes you don't want.

Ask yourself questions in order to help with this process. When was the last time you wore them? Are they still in style? Are they in good shape? Are they comfortable?

Here's the detailed organizing process for decluttering your shoe collection, so that you are only left with the ones you are going to keep.

Once you've gotten rid of all the boots you don't want, sort those that you are keeping into categories. For example, you could sort them by type of boot (winter & rain boots, heeled boots, flat boots, cowboy boots, shorts boots, knee high boots) or by when they are worn (out-of-season boots and in-season boots)...whatever categories make sense to you now and later when you are going to retrieve a certain pair.

The whole point here is to be able to find what you need in a snap AND be able to get to it without too much effort.

boot hangers and storage ideas

I store my boots according to how often they are worn. Heels tend to hurt my feet very quickly, so I don't wear the heeled boots that much. Hence, the few pairs I do have, that come in handy every once in a while, are kept in a labeled bin at the top of my closet. I keep a folding step ladder in my closet, so I can get to them very easily should I need to.

Keep reading to see how I store the boots I wear the most!

2. Choose storage locations.

Boots are big, bulky and take up a lot of space, so I highly recommend choosing a few different locations for them. I have 2 "homes" (3 in the winter) for my boots.

As shown in the photo above, I store the boots I rarely wear away in a labeled bin at the top of my closet.

During the cold months, I keep one pair of winter boots on a shoe tray in the entryway. This is a good place for them, because they are worn almost everyday and it prevents me from tracking in any mud.

In the photo below, you can see that I keep the boots that I wear most frequently out on a shelf in my closet. Again, I keep a folding step ladder in my closet, so accessing this shelf is very easy.

boot hangers and storage ideas

As you can see, I'm a sucker for flat boots! They live on that shelf year-round, because of how often I wear them. With the step stool in my closet, it's very easy to get them down and just as simple to put them away.

3. Use storage products (like boot hangers).

Boot organizers are great for maximizing space and keeping your shoes in good shape. Below are a variety of boot storage products that may come in handy, and here are some awesome, creative storage ideas. Check them out!

Boot Storage Rack
I have a client who has a boot holder like this, and it works well for her. This product is adjustable, sturdy and appropriate if you have floor space for it or if it fits up on a shelf in a closet.

Shoe Organizer Bench
This cute wooden shoe organizer is also a seat - win win! The boot and shoe storage bench is great for any entryway or mudroom.

Boot Tray
I use a boot tray like this one in my entryway. It holds my shoes and keeps the floor clean!

Boot Hangers
Boot hangers are awesome! If you have the hanging space, this hanging shoe organizer solution is the way to go. These boot hangers keep your boots organized and in shape.

Under Bed Boot Storage
Another location to consider is under the bed. You could store out-of-season boots in a product like this under-bed storage solution.

Hanging Boot Storage
How much closet space do you have? If you have room on your closet rod, this boot storage solution may be for you. One holds up to 3 pairs of boots.

Metal Boot Rack
This rustproof, waterproof rack holds up to 6 pairs of boots. It's inverted design keeps the boots from creasing and allows them to air dry. More shoes can also fit underneath it!

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