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Over-the-door closet shoe organizers can be used in so many more ways than their original intended purpose. I love to recycle household items. Here's how to do it!

Aren't organizing storage products just fabulous?!

Below you'll find 15 different uses for an over the door shoe organizer other than storing shoes. Happy repurposing!

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15 New Ways To Use A Hanging Shoe Organizer

See photos of the below new uses for shoe storage solutions in action here!

1. Use it to organize pet supplies. Shampoo, brush, leash, harness, collar, jacket, sweater, nail clippers, toothbrush, you name it, the pockets are great for keeping your pet's accessories in order.

2. Reuse it as a toiletry station. Lacking counter and/or cabinet space in your bathroom? Keep your frequently-used items accessible in the pockets (i.e. makeup, hair brush, deodorant, hair dryer, hair accessories, lotion).

3. It could be used as a toy sorter. Over door shoe organizer pockets are great for storing your kid's small stuffed animals, little action figures, playing cards, tiny game pieces and much more.

4. Use it as an entry way catchall. Maintain order in your entry way by hanging a shoe organizer over a nearby closet door. Utilize the pockets to store all the random items that get dumped there (i.e. sunglasses, keys, pens, change, gloves, hats).

5. Repurpose it as a scarf organizer. Use a cloth shoe pocket organizer to store your scarves. I've hung the shoe rack on the inside of a closet door and then folded my scarves up and inserted them in the pockets - 2 or 3 fit in each one. You can arrange by color or by season. (courtesy of Laura Bishop, Virginia)

6. Utilize it as a holder for cleaning supplies. Put a different bottle of cleaning solution in each pocket as well as dust rags and any other items necessary for making your home spic and span.

7. It could be an art supply station. Use the pockets to hold markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, small scraps of paper, bottles of glitter, paint brushes, and any other related things.

8. Reuse closet shoe organizers as cord sorters. Each pocket can be for a different type of cord like one pocket for USB cables, one for head phones and so on. You could also use the pockets for keeping electronic accessories and manuals together.

9. Use it as clothing accessory storage instead of taking up drawer space. The pockets are a good fit for bras, underwear, tights, socks, rolled belts, beanies/hats, bathing suits and other accessories.

10. Repurpose it as an office organizer. Use the pockets to store paper clips, staples and a stapler, pens, pencils, highlighters, rubber bands, binder clips, scissors, post-its, business cards and any other small office items.

11. Hang one over the pantry door and utilize it to hold kitchen utensils. The pockets are good for things like spatulas, whisks, measuring spoons, a can opener, cooking brushes, chopsticks, and kitchen towels.

12. Hang one over the pantry door and use it to hold food items like condiments, small packets, candy and gum, oils and vinegars, small snacks and other edibles that fit.

13. Reuse closet shoe organizers in the office as paper sorters. One pocket could be for bills, another for coupons, another for upcoming events, and so on.

14. If you have a lot of makeup, use an over-the-door organizer to separate and store your beauty products. One pocket could be for mascaras, one for brushes, one for lip glosses and so on.

15. Ditto for nail polish. Separate your nail polishes by color, by season or however you distinguish them and then put each category in its own pocket(s). You can also use a pocket or two for your manicure tools like nail clippers, filers, etc.

See photos of the above new uses for closet shoe organizers in action!

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