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If you're looking for baseball cap storage solutions or any hat organizing ideas, then you've come to the right place. They will certainly make your closet neater and more organized. A less cluttered space makes people happier and that's good for everyone. :)

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If you or a member of your household is a hat-wearer, then you're no stranger to the chaos that can ensue when the head accessories get out of control.

In our home, you could find:

  • baseball caps
  • beanies
  • fedoras
  • Irish caps
  • winter hats
  • summer hats
  • bandanas
  • a derby hat
  • a pirate hat
  • and even a sombrero!

Hence, I've implemented some very easy yet very awesome hat storage solutions that make it simple for us to find what we need in a snap. Below you'll find some closet organizing ideas to keep baseball caps, hats, beanies and other head gear neat and tidy. Happy hat organizing!

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3 Baseball Cap Storage Solutions That Rock

1. For The Most Frequently-Used Hats

Baseball Cap Storage wm

This is the storage cap rack that's on the wall in my husband's closet. As you can see, it's very easy to get to these items as well as put them away. Thus, the things that are stored here are the things he uses the most.

I used the top storage bin for his beanies (and straw summer hat), because they are squishable, foldable and perfect candidates for a basket. The hooks below house the hats and baseball caps he wears often, the few belts he has and his favorite sweatshirt.

2. For The Less Frequently-Used Hats

Hats Bin wm
Hats Bin 2 wm

Since my husband has many more hats than will comfortably fit on the wall rack in his closet, I also employed an open canvas bin as a baseball cap storage solution. It sits on a shelf in his closet and sports a "HATS" label on the front. In it are the baseball hats he wears less frequently and all of his Irish caps.

3. For The Never-Worn Hats

Lastly, there are the baseball caps and other hats that are too worn and unwearable, but my husband can't part with them. I call these "memory" hats, and they are stored in one of my husband's memory boxes with his other memory clothing (i.e. t-shirts).

I use a clear plastic labeled bin with a lid like this one. Bins like that are waterproof and keep the items inside dust-free, so basements and attics are suitable storage locations.

BONUS TIP: Seasonal Swap

If you're very low on closet space, then you can do a seasonal swap. Only keep the hats that are in season in the accessible spots and store away the out of season headwear elsewhere (e.g. in another closet, under the bed, in the attic, in the basement, wherever it makes sense). During the Spring and Fall, use this transition time to do your swap out.

FAMILY TIP: Multiple Locations

I haven't even mentioned our kids' hats! I created this post before we had kids, so time for an update. We had a lot of hats before our 2 boys were born, BUT NOW we have a ton and they keep multiplying (looking at you Little League!). That said, all of these solutions have withstood our family's evolution pretty nicely in addition to some new storage ideas.

On top of the 3 tips mentioned above, now we have a storage cabinet in our entryway that has 4 drawers. Each member of the family gets a drawer. In it are things like winter hats (the frequently-used ones), winter gloves and sunglasses. We also use hooks in the boys' rooms for the less-frequently worn hats, and any memory hats they have go in their memory bins. Keeping control of the hat chaos involves multiple appropriate locations and works very well for us.

A Few More Baseball Hat Storage Solutions

  • If you have available door space, check out this cap holder. It holds 18 hats and stores them so they keep their shape and stay in good condition.

  • Here's another back-of-the-door hat storage solution. This hat organizer has pockets that are made for baseball caps. Beanies or other squishable hats (or even small things like sunglasses) will fit as well.

  • If you have available space on your closet rod, take a peek at this cap organizer. It's made of a durable cotton canvas and has adjustable tabs in the back.

  • If you have available floor space, look into this hat rack that is practical and simple. It is made of metal, has a classic bronze coating and has a ton of great reviews!

  • If you have available wall space, consider this cap storage hook rack. Its simple design will look good anywhere, and its steel construction is sturdy.

  • For even more options, here are the top hat organizers on Amazon.

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