My Top 3 Super Simple Closet Storage Solutions - Closet Ideas From A Professional Closet Organizer

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It's easy to get overwhelmed and confused with all of the closet storage solutions out there these days.

Storage products, installed systems, assembled systems, bins, baskets,'s enough to make your head spin!

Let's keep things simple and straightforward. Do you want closet organizing ideas that...

  • are inexpensive?
  • don't require assembly?
  • are easy to use?
  • don't require drilling into walls?
  • can be implemented immediately?
  • don't require huge blocks of time?

3 must-have inexpensive closet storage solutions

YES? Wish granted! Here are my top 3 closet storage solutions, and how they can be used in different ways to your advantage. Happy organizing!

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The Open Storage Bin

closet storage solutions

What it is and why I love it.
The open canvas storage bin is one of my absolute favorite organizing products. It is a bin that is made out of some sort of canvas material and has no cover. It's durable, looks good and so easy to access, which also contributes to staying organized. You can get it here.

How I use it.
I use these canvas storage bins all over my house and also recommend them to my clients. In the closet specifically, I utilize them to corral hats and gloves, scarves, cardigans, shoes and boots, and clutches and purses.

What else it can be used for.
The open bin can be employed to store stuff in every room of the house - toys, books, towels, sheets, magazines, sports equipment, laundry supplies, you name it! Photos of different uses here.

The Drop-Front Box

closet storage solutions

What it is and why I love it.
The drop-front box is a box that has a door on the front that drops down when you open it. Typically the drop-front is clear making it easy to see what's inside. I've seen these made out of plastic like in the photo on the right as well as made out of metal wrapped with a sturdy canvas or linen material. You can get the drop-front closet storage solutions here.

I love the drop-front box, because you can stack a bunch of them and use the heck out of an empty vertical space. The nice thing about that is it completely eliminates the need to unstack boxes to get out what you need. You simply open the drop-front and access your item. See a photo of that here.

How I use it.
I use drop-front boxes mainly for organizing shoes, but I also use them in my husband's closet for things like his scarves, bandanas and gloves.

What else it can be used for.
The drop-front box can be used to store items in your house that you want to be able to recognize immediately. For example, it could be utilized to store small purses and clutches, sweaters, shirts, and hats in your closet. See the drop-front box in action - different ways to use it here!

The Clear Pocket Organizer

closet storage solutions

What it is and why I love it.
The clear pocket organizer is a gem in the storage product world. It can either hang from the closet rod or over the door, be single or double-sided and features clear pockets. This is one of my favorite closet storage solutions, because it can be used in every room of the house to keep small items organized quickly and easily like jewelry. You can get a jewelry pocket organizer here.

How I use it.
I use a clear pocket organizer to store my jewelry as shown in the photo on the right. It keeps my earrings, bracelets, brooches and rings very neat, and it's so easy to retrieve and put back stuff.

What else it can be used for.
Whether it's jewelry organizers or a closet shoe organizers, the clear pocket storage solution is the way to go. It can be used for the obvious - jewelry and shoes - but it can also be employed for hundreds of other things. For example, how about to corral small toys or to keep track of collar stays and cuff links or perhaps to organize small packets in your pantry? See the many different ways to use a clear pocket organizer here!

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