Closet Organizing Systems - 5 Closet Organizing Ideas To Think About Before You Install Anything

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Looking for closet organizing systems? Search no further!

I did some research on closet organizer products that can be installed in the closet. I chose the products with the best reviews and detailed them below.

BUT BEFORE you drill any holes...

closet organizing systems

I also put together a list of 5 things to think about before installing anything. Hope this helps you in your closet organizing adventures; enjoy!

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5 Things To Think About Before Installing
A Closet Organizing System

1. What's your budget?

Closet organizer systems can be very pricey, so be sure to take into account how much you want to spend. Other things to consider are when the closet organizing system of your choice goes on sale. For example, The Container Store has a sale on their elfa closet system every January and that's worth waiting for.

2. How much space do you have?

Measure your closet space and then measure it again. Make sure your measurements are accurate or this could be a very frustrating process. To make it even easier, because measuring things that are hard to reach is just stressful, use a laser measure.

3. Do you rent or own?

Do you rent or own your home? If you rent, you might want to consider a closet organizer system that you can take with you and doesn't require drilling any holes in the walls. If you own, then this might be a good investment since it increases the value of the house.

4. How much stuff do you have?

Customized closet organizers are just that...customized! Be sure to consider how much you have with what kind of storage you need. (i.e. drawers, shelves, hanging space). In order to do this, organize the stuff in your closet before you order closet organizer systems. This way you know how much you have and therefore what you'll need.

For example, if you go through your closet and sort everything into categories, you might find that you have quite a collection of nice clothes that need to be hung up and not so much of the casual items that need to be folded and stored in drawers or on shelves. With that information, you would plan to install more hanging rods than shelves or drawers.

5. What look are you going for?

What's your style? What does your dream closet look like? You're spending money on installing a closet system, so make sure it visually pleases you.

Take into account:

  • the material (metal, wood, wire, etc.)
  • the color
  • visibility (see-through containers or opaque)
  • the walls (wallpaper, paint, etc.)
  • the floor (perhaps a decorative rug)
  • the lighting (chandelier?)
  • furniture (a stool to sit and put your shoes on, a floor mirror, etc.)

3 Closet Organizing Systems With Good Reviews

The Container Store's elfa Reach-In Closet

This closet organizing system is fantastic! It is on the pricier side, but it's made well, totally customizable and looks great.

Rubbermaid Deluxe Custom Closet

This closet organizer system has splendid reviews for being easy to install, customizable and very affordable.

John Louis Closet Shelving System

Here's another option with great user reviews for being affordable, beautiful and easy to install.

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