Camping Tips and Tricks - 5 Ways To Repurpose Water Bottles To Your Outdoors Advantage

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Going camping? It's time to get creative. Here are 5 camping tips and tricks on reusing water bottles in new ways.

camping tips and tricks - repurpose water bottles

I came across these awesome uses on Pinterest while I was collecting ideas for camping and music festivals. They are so fun and useful, I decided to corral them into this list for your convenience. Plus, everyone loves new uses for old things. :)

Each idea has a link, so you can see it in action. Be sure to check them out. Enjoy!

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Camping Tips and Tricks:
5 New Uses For Water Bottles

1. Ice Ice, Baby

Put the water bottles in the freezer so that they become solid. Then use them as ice blocks to keep food and drinks cold in your cooler without everything drowning in water (which completely sucks, ruins the food and wastes money). Once they thaw out, you can drink them to stay hydrated. Boom!

2. Light It Up

Have you seen this on Pinterest yet? It's awesome. Light up your tent or canopy at night using nothing more than a water jug and a head lamp. Simply put the head lamp around the water jug and face the light in towards the water. Voila! Check out what this looks like here.

3. Game On!

Put glow sticks in water bottles and have a fun night game of bowling! They also give off a lot of light, so you can use them to light up your camp as well. This is what they look like.

4. Scramble & Mix

Use empty water bottles to pre-scramble eggs or prepare pancake mix or anything like that ahead of time. It's just easier and cleaner to deal with when cooking which is one of the golden rules of successful camping: simple, quick meal preparation.

This is one I've dealt with personally. It is such a pain. First, cracking the eggs makes a mess and your hands get sticky. Then, unless you thought to bring a bowl, you're scrambling the eggs in a cup which doesn't hold that much.

5. Organize & Store

Use an empty water bottle to store stuff like grocery bags or anything else that can be squished. See what this looks like here.

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