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Check out these delicious recipe organization tips and recipe book binder suggestions!

Organizing recipes is beneficial to both your cooking and your belly... :)

Recipe organization ensures that you will find what you're looking for when you're looking for it. This means that you can locate healthy recipes, buy the ingredients at the grocery store and cook them. So not only are you encouraged to eat healthy, you are also motivated to learn how to cook wholesome meals!

Organized and healthy? What a great deal!

Below you will find the recipe organizing process as well as some great organizer product suggestions. Happy organizing!

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The Recipe Organizer Process

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing recipes.


• Start by going through each recipe one by one. Get rid of the recipes you can no longer read, the ones you have made so many times you know them by heart and/or those you know you will never make.

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile - Keep & Trash/Recycle.


• Categorize the recipes, so that you will be able to find what you need when you need it (i.e. by food group; alphabetically; appetizers, entrees, desserts; breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on). For example, would you look for a chicken marsala recipe under "chicken" or "entrees"?

recipe book binder

This is my recipe book binder! I use sheet protectors in a binder that stands up on its own with a built-in easel. See below for the link to this product.


• To create your own recipe binder, get any three-ring binder, clear sheet protectors and divider tabs. Label the divider tabs according to the categories you created during the sorting process, and put the recipes in the sheet protectors. Then put it all together in the binder, and store it in or near the kitchen for easy access.

**Note: The sheet protectors allow you to effortlessly pull out individual recipes as well as keep them clean when on the kitchen counter or near the sink. (If something does happen to spill, then it's as simple as wiping it off!)**

• You can also purchase a ready-made recipe book binder like these!

• If you have tons and tons of recipes you simply cannot part with, then use multiple binders. For instance, you could have a different binder for each category: meats, vegetables & fruits, carbohydrates, dairy, and sweets. Within each binder your recipes could be organized alphabetically. Multiple binders can also be used to keep holiday recipes separate from everyday cooking, to distinguish kosher and nonkosher meals and so on.


• Go through your recipe book binder (or binders) once a year to weed out all old, unreadable items.

• Be sure to put recipes back in their proper place after use. You want to be able to find them for next time!

Recipe Organizer Products

Organizing recipes can be so much fun! With the process outlined above and the products suggested below, you'll be organized and cooking in no time!

Itoya Easel Binder
I love this recipe binder! I use it for my recipes which are very easily displayed while cooking. When I'm done, I fold it up and it uses so little counter space!

Sheet Protectors
Like mentioned above, sheet protectors are very useful when organizing recipes (especially for magazine rip-outs) and extremely helpful in keeping them spill-free. Check these out!

Recipe Nest
This recipe organizing product is fantastic! You don't have to punch holes or write on index cards. Simply store your print outs or magazine clippings inside and use the clipboard on the outside to display the current recipe.

Recipe Card Binders
Looking for recipe card binders? Check out these top-rated ones!

Looking for an electronic recipe organizer? You can scan in your paper recipes using a scanner, and/or you can use Pinterest to keep track of digital recipes like I do!

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