The Pantry Storage Cabinet - 5 Simple Tips For Pantry Organization

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This is a guest post by Elizabeth Dodson.

Do you open the door to your pantry storage cabinet and wonder how the heck all these items got into this space?

Do you have trouble making up your mind about what you want for dinner because all you see is lots of stuff?

With these 5 simple tips, you can get that pantry storage cabinet organized and make life a little better.

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5 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Pantry Storage Cabinet Organized

5 simple pantry storage cabinet tips

1. Remove Old Items

The first step to getting your pantry organized is to remove all the old or outdated items. Items like expired spices or cans of food that are 3 and 4 years old just need to go.

Spices and herbs are generally good for 1-3 years. Sometimes you can stretch a spice to 4 years, but the flavor might diminish.

On average, canned goods can last between 2 and 5 years and some even beyond that. However, if you have not opened the can in 2 years, you probably will not open it at all. It's time to throw it out.

2. Store Like Items Together

Next, you will want to move like items near one another. Having like items in the same vicinity will help you know what you have before heading out to the grocery store and will help you identify ingredients for a great meal.

Likewise, if your pantry has room for platters, serving pieces or other kitchen items, keeping these items in similar areas can help you grab what you need to make your meal more efficiently.

3. Labels and Clear Containers

Using labels and clear containers is a great way to see what you have and to keep perishable items fresh. Labels can help the whole family understand what is where in the pantry. They also make it easier to grab what you need from the pantry quickly.

4. Use Stacking To Your Benefit

If you have a pantry that has tall shelves, using stackable containers can also add more usable space. Even stacking your platters, bowls and other serving pieces can help.

Before stacking too many items on top of each other though, make sure your pantry shelves can hold the weight. If you feel your shelves cannot hold the weight, try asking a handy man to add some shelf brackets that do not take up valuable pantry shelving space.

5. Use Door Space

Some pantries have a door that could be used to store additional items. For example, using hooks to hang aprons or brooms is a great way to use every inch of space.

You can also find other hanging storage units like this one to help with maximizing your pantry and kitchen space.

Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder of HomeZada, a cloud-based home improvement and organizational software tool. HomeZada strives to educate and provide resources for homeowners in all areas of home management, including home improvement projects, maintenance, inventory, property information, and property value. Check out HomeZada's blog for more helpful tips!

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