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Looking for the best kitchen garbage cans? Here are some top rated ones to check out including a stainless steel garbage can, simple human garbage can and more!!

These trash cans do the job better than the others. Below you'll find a compiled list of top rated rubbish bins. For a list of the best recycling bins, visit my recycling bin review page here. Enjoy!

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8 Top Rated Kitchen Garbage Cans

iTouchless Automatic Stainless Steel Trash Can
This stainless trash can does it all with a deodorizer, an extra wide opening, and a hands-free feature that automatically opens and closes the lid.

simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can
This simple human garbage can features a lid that silently closes, can be locked, and can stay open. It has a space-efficient semi-round shape and the capacity to hold a lot.

simplehuman Small Round Step Stainless Steel Garbage Can
Perfect for small spaces, this rubbish bin is stainless steel and fingerprint-proof. It has a round shape, a strong steel pedal and a removable inner bucket for easy trash disposal.

Nine Stars Infrared Touchless Trash Can
This trash container is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel, operates touch free and features a garbage bag ring that hides the bag from view. It's sleek, made with energy-saving technology and hygienic.

simplehuman Rectangular Step Trash Can
This trash can features a steel pedal, a silent close lid, a patented toe kick, a dent-proof and fingerprint-proof lid, and Bag Tuck which hides the excess garbage bag from view.

simplehuman Profile Step Trash Can
This is the rubbish receptacle I use in my bathroom! It's great in slim places, fits a regular grocery bag with tabs to lock it in place, has a removable inner bucket for easy trash disposal, a strong steel pedal and a dent-proof plastic lid. I love it! It's easy to clean, easy to use, looks good and does the job.

Umbra Skinny Polypropylene Waste Can
This waste basket is slim to fit in tight places, comes in different stylish colors, and has a handle for easy carrying and emptying.

simplehuman Under-Counter Pull Out Can
This simple-to-install product hides the trash, can fully extend for easy removal, features ball-bearing tracks for smooth gliding and has an easy-access handle.

As far as brands go, simplehuman, Nine Stars, and iTouchless consistently put out quality kitchen garbage cans. Click the link to see more.

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