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Did you know a roasting pan rack could be used as an organized storage solution?!

I love finding new ways to recycle household items and repurpose them! Doing this saves space and money, to say the least.

Below you'll find out how I came up with a new use for this old thing and see photos of how to implement it. This little project only took 5 minutes. Happy repurposing!

The Empty Roasting Pan With Rack

How To Reuse A Roasting Pan Rack

This is my roasting pan rack. I don't use it very often and it takes up a lot of cabinet space, so I came up with a new way to use it while it's just sitting in the kitchen cupboard.

Looking at the pan, like in the photo above, I realized that the rack looked like "dividers" and surveyed my kitchen for items I could store in between those dividers.

I laid eyes upon my pot lids. Since I don't have a huge kitchen, I don't have the space to store each lid with its corresponding pot or organize them nicely in a drawer. Thus, I decided to try to put the pot lids in the dividers of the roasting pan...

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The Roasting Pad With Lid In It

How To Reuse A Roasting Pan Rack

Success! The largest pot lid I have fit nicely in a sliver of space provided by the rack, so the rest of my pot lids should also. After I placed the largest pot lid on the left, I worked my way to the right until all the lids were in...

The Roasting Pan Rack Full Of Pot Lids

How To Reuse A Roasting Pan Rack

This is what the pan looks like with all my pot lids in it. It's very easy to reach into the cabinet and get the lid I need, and it's just as easy to put it back.

Reusing items in new ways can save space, money and frustration. What new uses for old things have you come up with that make your life easier? Comment below!

Want to learn more new uses for old things? Here's a whole list of ways to reuse everyday things in new ways (i.e. wondering how to bake a turkey? try using a paper bag)!

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