Repurposing Ideas For Paper Clamps aka Binder Clips

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Looking for ways to recycle reuse reduce? Then check out these repurposing ideas for binder clips!

repurposing ideas for binder clips

I love, love, love finding new uses for old things. It's fun, creative and will save you time and money. Without further ado, I present to you repurposing household items...binder clips!

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Repurposing Ideas For Binder Clips

**See photos of all of these repurposing ideas here!**

1. Chip clips. Use binder clips to reseal bags of chips, popcorn, trail mix, nuts, pasta, coffee...snacks or pantry items of any kind!

2. Cord collectors. Have a mess of wires around your desk area? Clamp them together with binder clips to keep them tame and your work space clear.

3. Picture holders. Rather than putting holes in the pictures you have on your bulletin board, use small binder clips to hold your photos and hang them from the tacks. This keeps your pictures in ship shape and allows for easy transition when you want to switch them out.

4. Gatherers for the strings that hang from blinds. Have a tangled mess of strings attached to your blinds? Have trouble opening and closing your shades because of it? Never more! Coil the excess string and put a binder clip around it.

5. Bookmark. Clamp together the pages of a book you've already read, so as to mark the page you are currently on. This can also be helpful with paper calendars, personal journals, magazines and any other items in which you need to hold your place.

6. Wallet. Clip together your cash, credit cards, ID, etc. and attach your key ring to one of the metal handles. Voila! You could also use it just as a key ring for things like going for a run, and clamp it to your belt.

7. Phone stand. This one's cool, unique and uses a few binder cliips. Click the link above or below to see a photo of how this works.

8. Toothpaste tube squeezer. You know when you get down to the end of the toothpaste tube, and it's all rolled up? Except it doesn't stay rolled up, so clamp that baby with a binder clip. Problem solved!

9. Stopper of rolling bottles. Let's say you have some wine bottles in the fridge, and they are on their sides and stacked like a pyramid. If you clamp a binder clip on the shelf wire next to them, they'll stay in place.

10. Wine glass identifiers. This one's genius! Clamp the stem of wine glasses with binder clips of different colors and patterns, and now everyone at your party can find their glass.

11. Sponge holder. Have some jumbo binder clips? Great! Use one to hold a sponge by clamping the sponge, bringing up the metal handles up around it and putting the flat side down on the counter.

12. Labels for dishes in a buffet. This is the same concept as the sponge holder. Write the name of a dish on a small piece of paper, post-it, etc. and clamp it with the metal handles of a binder clip. Then place the binder clip with the flat side down on the table next to the appropriate dish.

13. Napkin holder. Keep linen napkins sorted and organized by clamping together the sets. No more rummaging around a jumbled, wrinkled mess!

14. Wrapping paper wrangler. You know when the wrapping paper keeps unwinding? Put one binder clip on each end to keep this from happening.

15. Purse hanger. Clamp a binder clip on the edge of a table and hang your purse from it. So easy and convenient!

**See photos of all of these repurposing ideas here (preview below).**

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