Recycling Egg Cartons - Egg Carton Crafts, Games, Storage Solutions & More!

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recycling egg cartons

Recycling egg cartons is awesome, and egg containers can be used in so many ways!

I love new uses for old things also known as repurposing. This practice saves time and money which in turn saves frustration, and it's also just plain creative fun.

Here are 25 different ways to reuse egg cartons that will bring joy to your life. Happy repurposing!

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25 Ways To Reuse & Recycle Egg Cartons

TAKE NOTE: Photos of these ideas are on my Pinterest board dedicated to recycling egg cartons! Don't forget to follow the board for updates.

To Get Organized - Reuse An Egg Carton To Sort & Store...

1. Small toys (i.e. Legos, game pieces)

2. Office supplies (i.e. paper clips, staples)

3. Hardware (i.e. nails, screws)

4. Jewelry (i.e. earrings, rings, brooches)

5. Hair accessories (i.e. barrettes, bobby pins)

6. Craft items (i.e. beads, buttons)

7. Christmas tree ornaments (particularly round ones)

8. Change (i.e. pennies, dimes)

9. The junk drawer (i.e. keys, random small parts)

10. Ribbon (i.e. for gift wrapping, for crafts)

11. Nail polish bottles

12. Golf balls

13. Man accessories (i.e. cuff links, collar stays)

Recycle Egg Cartons For Food

14. To serve & store condiments (i.e. mustard, ketchup)

15. To serve dips (i.e. spinach dip, buffalo chicken dip)

16. To keep frequently-used spices handy (i.e. need a pinch of salt?)

17. To transport food (i.e. mini muffins, mini cupcakes, deviled eggs, candy)

Upcycle Egg Cartons For Kids

18. Paint cups (i.e. liquid paints)

19. Create egg carton crafts (i.e. caterpillars, egg carton Christmas tree)

20. Easy games for kids (i.e. counting, math)

21. Science fair projects (i.e. display & label rocks for geology assignment)

Other Ways To Repurpose Egg Cartons

22. Create decor (i.e. string lights, wreaths)

23. Plant a garden

24. Make egg carton fire starters

25. Create a sewing kit

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