Linen Storage Cabinet - Tame Your Linen Closet With These Simple Closet Organizing Ideas & Suggested Linen Closet Organizers!

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Is your linen storage cabinet busting at the seams due to toppling piles of sheets and towels?! Not to worry. Here are some simple, fabulous linen closet organizing ideas.

how to tame a chaotic linen storage cabinet

Organizing the linen closet adds to an orderly home.

It's so wonderful to go to my linen closet, find exactly what I need in seconds and be on my merry way.

This means that whether I'm making a bed, changing out the towels in a bathroom or searching for a blanket, I can do it quickly without frustration and without delaying the task I intended to complete. How nice!

Below you'll find the exact process for organizing the linen closet as well as some great linen closet organizer product suggestions. Enjoy!

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Linen Storage Cabinet: The Organizing Process

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing the linen closet or bathroom linen cabinets or what have you.


• Start by going through each item in the linen closet or the bathroom linen cabinet or wherever you have all of your linens. Pick up one thing at a time and decide if it is worth keeping.

• In order to do this, ask yourself appropriate questions (i.e. Does this top sheet having a matching fitted sheet? Is this pillow case ripped? Is this towel faded? Stained? Do these sheets fit any bed in my home?).

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Donate or Trash.

• Take out the trash, and put the donation items in your car.


• Now that you've gotten rid of the unnecessary items, separate what's left into categories (i.e. king sheet sets, queen sheet sets, twin sheet sets, extra pillowcases and shams, duvets and duvet covers, blankets, towels, washcloths, hand towels, mattress pads, etc.). This way you can see what and how much you have.


• Utilize the built-in storage of the linen closet if you have it. Assign each shelf a category, so that the top shelf holds pillows, the second shelf holds sheets, the third shelf holds towels and so on.

• Consider using shelf dividers or open bins to keep your linens separate and in order.

• Don't forget that the door can also serve as storage space. Perhaps an over-the-door organizer could be useful for small items.

• If you have limited space in your linen closet, consider storing linens that are out of season somewhere else in the house.

Another option is to store linens in the rooms they are used in. For example, use a bin that slides under your bed to hold your bed's spare set of sheets.

• If you don't have a linen closet at all, consider purchasing a piece of storage furniture.


• Make it a point to put away linens in their proper home in the linen closet.

• Keep sheet sets together by storing the fitted sheet, the top sheet and a pillowcase all inside one of the matching pillowcases.

• Once a year, go through your linen closet and do a quick purge of any items that are missing matches, faded, ripped, stained or no longer necessary.

Linen Storage Cabinet: Linen Closet Organizers

Products for organizing your linen storage cabinet can really help keep those piles straight and neat!

Kangaroom Linen Storage Bin

Design your dream closet with these open bins. They are great for holding linens, easy to put together and made well.

Spectrum Over-The-Shelf Divider - a Favorite for Organizing the Linen Closet!
Linen closets usually just come with open shelves, and that's where this product comes in. Check it out!

Jokari Blanket Rack
Don't use valuable shelving space for blankets; use this door rack instead! It has 6 cubby loops and makes it so easy to retrieve a blanket.

42-Pocket Over-The-Door Organizer

Want some closet door ideas? This organizer would be great for storing smaller items in the linen closet without taking up shelf space (i.e. extra pillowcases, wash cloths, etc.).

Sterilite Ultra Underbed Box
This product is great for organizing linens and storing them under the bed and out of the way.

Corner Linen Storage Cabinet
Cramped for space? Take advantage of a corner linen cabinet like one of these!

Sauder Harbor View Storage Cabinet

If you don't have a linen closet at all, this piece of furniture should do the trick.

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