Home Storage Solution - Figuring Out Where To Store Stuff In Your Home

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This is a home storage solution from one of my awesome clients! If you've ever had trouble figuring out WHERE to store something in your home, then this is for you.

home storage solution for where to put stuff

One of the basics of getting organized is storing similar items together. Like goes with like.

One of my favorite clients recently brought up the fact that this notion can be interpreted differently. She made a fantastic point, and so this home storage solution blog post came to be. Happy organizing!

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Home Storage Solution - 3 Questions About Where To Store Things In Your House Answered

1. What is the item used for?

Store an item in the place it gets used. Like does go with like, but there are times when this refers to function rather than material. In other words, identify what the item is used for rather than what the item is.

For example, if you have a toothbrush that is used for cleaning then it should be stored with the cleaning supplies rather than the dental care items.

2. What if it makes sense to store an item in 2 different locations?

If you think there is more than one logical location for the item in question, then you can do one of two things.

First, you can store it in several locations.

For example, let' say we're talking about matches. Matches get used in different parts of the house, so it makes sense to store them in different parts of the house. Put them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, by the fireplace and wherever else they are convenient.

Second, you can leave yourself a note.

In this case, we're talking about something that you don't have multiples of or something that is too big to be stored where it gets used.

For example, let's say you're trying to figure out where to put your huge mixer. You only use it a few times a year, if that, and there isn't room in your small kitchen to store it.

You find a nice big space for it in a laundry room cabinet but forget that it's there every time and always check the cabinet with the kitchen appliances first. If you leave yourself a note in the cabinet with the kitchen appliances, then you'll be able to locate it without wasting any energy or time.

3. What if I still can't find stuff?

Perhaps the storage location you chose for an item makes sense to you now, but you might forget where that is later. Or perhaps your family members don't know where something can be found or where to put something away.

No matter what the situation is, labeling is the answer. Label bins, cabinets, drawers, shelves, baskets, everything!

For example, let's say that you've got many drawers in your office and you're trying to find a small paper pad. You could open every drawer to find what you need, or you could label the outside of your drawers and go directly to the right one.

If you found this post useful, then you'll like this one on figuring out where to store stuff and getting your family members involved.

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