Attic Repair - Organizing Your Attic, Attic Storage & How To Declutter Your Home

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Organizing your attic and attic repair can seem very daunting, but it doesn't have to be! It is very possible. Follow these simple tips for getting your attic organized and decluttering your home.

how to organize your attic

Attics tend to be dumping grounds for all kinds of treasures that accumulate over many years. One day you go up there and realize that your attic is full of dusty cardboard boxes and wouldn't be able to find a specific item if you wanted to.

It's time. It's time to take back your attic and create a cheap storage space (actually, it's a free storage space!) that's suitable for your beloved items. Not to mention how easy it will be to find your things.

Below you'll find a step-by-step process on how to declutter your home and how to organize your attic as well as suggested storage products. Enjoy!

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Attic Repair: The Organizing Process In 3 Doable Steps

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing your attic and doing attic repair.


• Start in one corner of the attic or with one box of stuff and work your way around. Pick up each item and decide if it is worth keeping. In order to accomplish this, ask yourself appropriate questions (Is it still usable? How often do I use it? Do I have more than one of this same item?).

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Donate, Trash, Recycle, Distribute. Don't forget to record your donations for tax purposes.

It's important to note that attics are storage spaces that tend to be dumping grounds for memorabilia, out-of-season items and much more. Due to the large volume of things that usually end up here, it can be very overwhelming to go through the purge process.

A solution is to bring one box down from the attic at a time and then go through it. Do a few boxes a day and you'll be through your whole attic in no time!

Also, due to the amount of clutter usually occupying attics, you might want to cut down on organizing time by combining the Purge and Sort steps into one seamless process. Thus when you decide to keep an item, take it one step further and group it with other like items.

• Take out the trash, distribute items that belong in other parts of the house (i.e. sports equipment can go to the garage) and put the donations in your car. This hinders the possibility of undoing your hard attic repair and attic organizing work.

• Take this opportunity to do a little sweeping and dusting up there as well.


• You have pared down, and now you can focus on what's left. Sort the remaining items by category (i.e. my memorabilia, my husband's memorabilia, my kid's memorabilia, holiday decorations, luggage and so on).


• Now that you can see what and how much you have, it's time to create a storage solution for these items. Utilize plastic storage bins with lids to store the categorized items that live in your attic. These bins are more durable than cardboard boxes and protect your items better from the elements. Be sure to label your boxes, so that you can find what you need easily.

• Depending on the size and shape of your attic and on how much stuff you have decided to keep, you may want to consider putting shelving units up there (metal or heavy duty plastic that can withstand the elements). This way you can store things vertically and save space.

• Have items that don't fit in boxes? Perhaps they could be hung on the wall with hooks.


• One of my best home organization tips is to get into the habit of putting things in their proper places when you're done using them. Get the whole family involved by passing this notion on to them as well.

• Clean out the attic once a year when the weather is nice to get rid of unnecessary things and to relocate rogue items to their proper containers, bins, shelves, and so on.

Attic Repair: The Organizing Products That Will Help

Organizing your attic is so much easier with these fantastic attic storage products. Check them out!

Ultimate Airtight Clear Plastic Storage Box - a Favorite for Organizing Your Attic & Attic Repair!
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Sterilite Ultra Storage Box

Plastic boxes with lids are better storage solutions for the attic than cardboard boxes. Sterilite has a ton of great options like this one.

AtticMaxx Shelving System

This is an easy-to-install system that utilizes the rarely-used space between the trusses. Awesome!

Attic Trac

This product is an easy-to-install track system that can withstand the elements and allows access to all corners of the attic!

Attic Ladders
In need of a new attic ladder? These are the top-rated attic ladders on Amazon!

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