Make Your Own Labels

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If you want to make your own labels, then you've come to the right place!

make your own labels

One of my top tips on getting organized is being able to find things quickly, and that's where labels come in. How can you and/or your family members locate things if they are not labeled?

Below I explain why you should use labels on everything as well as some great ways to create labels yourself (and product suggestions!). Enjoy!

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3 Great Reasons To Make Your Own Labels &
Use Them Everywhere

1. Locate items quickly.

If it's not labeled (and not in a clear container), chances are you are not going to find it easily. Don't rely on your brain to remember later that you put something in an unlabeled spot. Instead, take a few seconds (can be as easy as using a marker and tape like the below photo!) to create a label and stick it on. You'll be happy that you did!

make your own labels

2. Put things away easily.

A lot of times, something will not get put away because it's unclear where the item actually "lives." Create homes for everything and label accordingly.

For example, let's say you create a home for extra light bulbs which is a clear, lidded bin in the garage labeled "LIGHT BULBS." The next time you need to put away an extra light bulb, you'll know exactly where it goes, how little time and effort it requires and therefore be more likely to do it.

3. Teach family members organized living habits.

If everything is labeled in your home, then your kids (and spouse) should be able to find and put away things without questions or excuses. This contributes to a neat abode in which everyone partakes.

make your own labels

This is my husband's box of office supplies that lives on my desk. Every time he needs something, he knows exactly where to get it.

This also instills organized living habits in your family members that will only have good repercussions later. Just imagine that your husband takes this organizing principle to work or your kids apply it to school...lovely!

4 Different Ways To Make Your Own Labels

Use A Label Maker
My label maker brand of choice is Brother. This is the label maker I currently have and love it! Using a label maker is an easy, inexpensive, quick way to label anything and everything.

Write Them Yourself
Just like I did in the photos above, you can easily and creatively write your own labels. If the product comes with a label holder and a small piece of paper (like the boxes did in my photos above), then simply write on that and voila! If not, consider using self-adhesive labels, chalkboard labels or any of the endless options out there (especially on Amazon!).

Get Fancy Using Your Computer

If you want to put a little more time and effort into your labeling, then there are very easy ways to design your own labels using computer programs like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. The IHeartOrganizing blog has some fantastic posts detailing exactly how to make your own labels this way. Check it out!

Utilize Online Label Printing Services
There are online label printing websites dedicated to helping you create custom made labels - make your own wine labels, visual labels, custom food labels, anything!

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