Credit Card Organizers & How To Organize Your Wallet

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Credit card organizers, a.k.a. wallets, can become such a mess, especially since they are used so frequently and go everywhere with you.

Reduce your frustration and simplify your life by keeping your wallet organized!

Below you'll find tips on how to organize the inside of your wallet as well as some great wallet organizer product suggestions AND advice on keeping your wallet collection orderly. Enjoy!

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The Organizing Process - Inside The Wallet

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing your wallet.


• Start by emptying your wallet of all its contents.

• Go through each item and decide if it's worth keeping AND if it's worth keeping in your wallet.

Do this by asking yourself questions (i.e. Is this ID expired? Do I use this rewards card regularly? Is this health insurance card a duplicate?).

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Trash, Recycle or Shred.

• Get rid of the discards (throw away the trash, recycle the recyclables, shred the sensitive items) for a clear view of what you're keeping.


• Now that you can see what you have, separate what's left into categories that make sense to you.

For example, you could sort your wallet items by what they are (i.e. credit cards, insurance cards, etc.) or you could sort your wallet items by how often they get used (i.e. every day, every week, etc.).

credit card organizers
credit card organizers

I organize my wallet's contents by how frequently they get used. In the top photo, you'll see the items I use the most (credit cards and identification) in the front of my wallet. Behind these items, in the bottom photo, you'll see the items I use less frequently.


• Utilize a wallet (like the credit card organizers listed below) to keep your items organized.

• Take into consideration the kind of wallet you use or purchase. Things to consider might be the size, the color, how it closes, if it's waterproof, if it has a spot for loose change, how many pockets it has and so on.


• Get in the habit of putting all items back into their designated spots in your wallet after use.

• Be sure to REPLACE cards rather than adding to the contents of your wallet. For example, when you put your new health insurance card in, be sure to take the old one out for shredding.

• Once a month (or once a week or once a day...often), go through your wallet. Pitch unnecessary receipts, take tax-deductible receipts out and file them in your tax folder and so on.

The Products - Credit Card Organizer, RFID Wallet & More!

Credit card organizers are great! Keep your wallet in order with one of these awesome products.

RFID Wallets
Looking for wallets with an RFID chip or RFID blocking capability? RFID stands for radio frequency identification, and the RFID blocking credit card organizers protect your information from being stolen. Here are the top-rated RFID wallets on Amazon. Take a look!

Bestselling Women's Wallets
There are millions of wallet options out there, so here are some bestselling ones for women.

Credit Card Organizers
Again, there are so many options! This link brings you to Amazon's bestselling card cases for women. Enjoy!

Bestselling Men's Wallets
Here are bestselling wallets for men.

Waterproof Card Cases
Need something a little more durable? Check out these waterproof card cases.

Slim Wallets
Is your wallet so big that it barely...closes? Fits in your pocket? Fits in your handbag? Here are some slim wallets with good reviews.

Organizing Your Wallet Collection In Your Closet

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing your credit card organizers.


• Start by gathering all of your wallets.

• Go through each one and decide if it's worth keeping.

Do this by asking yourself questions (i.e. Is this wallet in usable shape? Is it out of style? Does it hold all of my wallet contents?).

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Donate or Trash.

• Throw away the trash and put the donations items in a bag in your car (for the next time you pass the donation drop-off).


• If you are keeping a fair amount of wallets, separate them into categories that make sense to you if necessary (i.e. fancy wallets, travel wallets, etc.).

• Otherwise, skip this step and keep reading for storing your wallets.


• Store your wallet collection in a place that makes sense to you. For example, I keep the few wallets that I have with my purse collection in an open canvas bin like the one below.

The two go hand in hand since I keep my wallet in my purse, and I can find what I need easily.


• Be sure to designate a home that makes sense to you for the wallet you are currently using. This is something you don't want to misplace! For example, my wallet lives in my purse and it's ALWAYS there.

For those of you who don't use purses, perhaps it makes sense for your wallet to live by your keys. This way you can always find it on your way out of the house.

• When you are switching wallets, take a good look at the one you were just using. If it's too worn, then donate it or throw it away right away. There's no need for it to take up space in your closet or wherever you keep back up wallets, if it's too worn to be used again.

• Once a year or whenever you have a few minutes, go through your wallets and get rid of any that you know you won't use again.

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