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This Do The Opposite Cheat Sheet is for you if you read this book:

If you DIDN'T read the book (short and sweet 50 pages but jam-packed with golden nuggets), then click here or the image above to get it.

The cheat sheet will make A LOT more sense and you'll be much better at busting procrastination if you do.

If you DID read the book, then click the following button to sign up for my newsletter and have the cheat sheet emailed directly to you and see the list of resource links below. Thanks and happy organizing!

Resource Links From The Book

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How To Stop Procrastinating By Using The Seinfeld Strategy

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Simple Yet Charming Thanksgiving Table Décor From The Dollar Store

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How To Wake Up Happy & Inspired

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50 Simple Ways To Declutter Those Pesky Paper Piles

The Procrastinator’s Guide To Getting Organized Tool Kit

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