How To Think Positive - How To Wake Up Happy & Inspired

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Wondering how to think positive and get going in the morning? One of my clients asked the same question, and it's a fantastic one.

how to think positive and start the day off inspired

It's SO important to wake up happy and motivated for many reasons. Below I've outlined exactly what I do every morning to start my day off inspired.

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How To Think Positive:
5 Morning Rituals To Get Your Day Going

How To Think Positive
1. How do you wake up?

This is probably the MOST important factor in starting your morning off on the right foot. How you wake up sets the tone for the entire day.

Things to take into account include:

  • getting enough sleep
  • the type of alarm you use
  • what time you're waking up

If you're not getting enough sleep, then you're day is doomed before it starts. Go to bed in time to get 8 hours or whatever is best for you. You will see quite a difference when you wake up actually rested.

The manner is which you are pulled out of your dreams is also very important. If you're alarm is an ear-piercing siren, then you're going through a rude awakening every morning. Yuck.

There are so many options when it comes to being woken up. You can use an app on your smart phone like the Sleep Cycle app that gently wakes you up. Or perhaps you could use a cool alarm clock that plays songs that make you happy. Whatever it is, start using an alarm that brings you out of your sleep positively.

Lastly, take into account what time you're waking up. If you are someone who needs to snooze for 30 minutes but you're only giving yourself 10, then that is sure to breed frustration and negativity.

Or if you need 45 minutes to get ready but you wake up at a time that only gives you 30, then you're always going to be in a rush and consequently pissed off about it. Analyze your daily morning routine to make sure that you're waking up at an appropriate time.

How To Think Positive
2. Wake up your body.

The first thing I do when I roll out bed is my morning stretch routine. Stretching is so unbelievably good for your body and it gets the blood flowing, so I take about 5 minutes to do a few yoga positions right next to my bed as soon as I wake up.

This not only wakes up my body in a way that feels good, it also stretches out my back and my stomach (both of which I have problems with). Since I started doing this good morning exercise my chronic back pain and my digestion problems have been almost non existent, so I can't recommend this practice enough.

As far as what yoga poses to do, I just Googled "yoga poses for stomach problems." I picked a few that also worked my back and turned that into my morning stretch routine.

Secondly, the first thing I eat is fruit. From what I've read, fruit is best eaten on an empty stomach in the morning so that your body can fully absorb all of the nutrients. This improves digestion, boosts energy and promotes weight loss.

How To Think Positive
3. Wake up your productivity.

how to think positive and get your day going

Make your bed. I know you've heard this before and I've definitely said it before, but I'm saying it now in a different capacity. Making your bed is easy, at least it should be. If it's not, then read this.

By making your bed, you're awakening your productivity. Since it's so quick and easy to do, you start your day off having gotten something done. You feel productive before having left the bedroom, and that feels good.

It also means that you straightened up the disorderly image that is usually accompanied with an unmade bed, and this gives you a sense of control.

There's nothing like starting your day off productive and in control.

How To Think Positive
4. Wake up your mind & emotions.

Next, let's breathe some life into your mind and awaken your emotions.

Music is emotional, inspiring and clears the mind. When I'm in the kitchen eating my fruit and taking my vitamins, I usually have a song playing that gets me going. I sing along or dance or both. It's fun and happy, and I recommend it.

Find a time in your morning routine to play some tunes that you find motivating and rock out.

Another ritual I recommend putting in to practice is gratitude. I say out loud 3 things I'm grateful for every morning. It puts things into perspective and ensures that I'm not overlooking how lucky I am.

By doing this, I've cut my anxiety down by a lot. For example, I used to worry a lot more and tell myself that I should be making more money. Now, I recognize that what I'm earning contributes to a lifestyle that is more than satisfying.

Rather than starting off the day down on myself about what I'm not doing, I begin with a power punch of gratefulness for the things and the success I already do have. It's exhilarating!

How To Think Positive
5. Narrow your focus.

Now your body is awake; the wheels in your mind are turning; you're happy and grateful for what you have. The last thing to do is narrow your focus on what needs to be done today.

I get really clear on what the day's tasks are and I pinpoint where my attention needs to be by reviewing my monthly and yearly goals. This keeps them in the forefront of my mind and also means that my new year's resolutions or any goals I set for myself are not abandoned.

Then I look at the task list for the day, so that I know which priority to start with and I get to work with a let's-rock-this attitude.

Ready to apply the let's-rock-this attitude to getting your life organized? Here's how to do it.

Now I'd love to hear from you! What do you do to get going in the morning? Feel free to leave me a comment below.

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