Birthday Card Ideas

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Looking for birthday card ideas? Great! Here's how to organize them, remember to send them and more!

Birthday Card Ideas title

Birthday cards are so much fun!

What good are they, though, if you can't find them or don't remember to send them out? I heart organizing. :)

Below are tips on getting your cards organized as well as some great greeting card storage product suggestions, advice on creating a system for sending them out and ways to display them in your home. Enjoy!

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Birthday Card Ideas:
The Organizing Process

One of my best birthday card ideas is to know what you have and where to find it. Start by organizing your greeting card collection, so that you can find whatever you need whenever you need it.

Birthday Card Ideas:
Organizing Tips Specifically For Birthday Greetings

1. Since birthday cards are sent out on a regular basis throughout the year, it is common to accumulate more of this type of card than any other (with the exception of holiday cards). If necessary, separate them from the rest of the greeting card collection and store them in their own greeting card organizer.

In the below photo, you can see that I use a greeting card storage box to store my birthday and blank cards. The rest of my greeting cards are sorted in another card box. This makes it easier for me to find things quickly.

birthday card ideas

2. Create a system for remembering birthdays and sending out birthday card greetings. For example, I have all the birthdays I want to remember recorded in a "dates to remember" book. I have a reminder set up at the end of each month to put the next month's birthdays in my calendar. Then I know when to send out birthday card messages whether it be a card, a phone call, a text message or a Facebook shout out. This system has worked for me for years, so figure out what works for you and stick to it.

3. When I see a card that immediately makes me think of someone, then I purchase it even if their birthday is not any time soon. Sound familiar? Well then this greeting card organizer might be for you. It has pockets for each month, so you can appropriately store the birthday cards that you buy in advance, remember to send them out on time, and more importantly, find the cards to send them.

4. Ever consider using a greeting card service? If you're short on time or want to cut back on paper or whatever the reason, you're not alone. Consider hiring a service like and let them do all the work!

Birthday Card Ideas:
Ideas For Giving Birthday Cards

There are tons of ways to send birthday greetings and spend little to no money. Here are a few fun ideas!

1. Make your own birthday card. Making birthday cards is fun, inexpensive and always special to the receiver. You could...

  • write a hand written note or poem
  • draw something by hand
  • have your child create some art
  • cut the front off of another greeting card and turn it into a birthday postcard (awesome upcycling!)

2. Printable happy birthday cards are so easy and quick. You could...

3. Free birthday e-cards. Forget the paper altogether and send digital birthday wishes to your recipient. Head to Google and type in something like "free online birthday cards" or "free email birthday cards" to get started.

Birthday Card Ideas:
Ideas For Receiving & Displaying Birthday Cards

When it is one of our birthdays, we get cards in the mail and absolutely love it! These birthday wishes are displayed in our home for a few weeks, and then they either get recycled or put in a memory box.

Throughout the years, we've displayed our birthday wishes in different ways. There are so many options (a few of ours are listed below), so get creative!

In our last apartment, we had a wall-mounted card holder. It was decorative and exhibited the cards, invitations and other announcements we received throughout the year.

Now, since our wall space changed when we moved, we tuck the cards into the sides of a large mirror we have in our entryway. It is nice to see these cheerful wishes when coming in and out of our home.

After a few weeks on display, the cards come down and the birthday person goes through them to see if any are unique enough to be kept as memories.

Here are some tips if you need guidance on this decision-making process.

Birthday cards in our house are usually kept if...

  • there is a special hand-written note inside
  • the card is from someone really special
  • the card is some sort of landmark (i.e. the last card my husband's father signed before he passed away)

If any cards are kept, then they make their way into the appropriate memory box for safe keeping. (For extra protection, you may want to put your memory greeting cards in greeting card sleeves.) If not, then they are cherished and then recycled.

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