Pill Container, Medicine Reminder & Other Great Tips For Organizing Vitamins & Supplements

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Take multiple pills a day? Multiple times per day?! Maybe you need a pill container or pill organizer...

By having everything separated out, it saves the time it would have taken to open and close several bottles. It also frees up kitchen counter space if that's where you keep the vitamin and supplement bottles. Lastly, a pill organizer is great for travel and makes taking your vitamins easy when you're on the go.

Below you will find:

  • the step-by-step process for organizing your vitamin bottles
  • organizing and storage product recommendations
  • ways to remember to take your vitamins, medications, etc.


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The Organizing Process

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it to organize vitamins and supplements.


  • Start by going through your vitamin and supplement bottles one by one. Make sure they haven't expired.

  • As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile - Keep & Trash/Recycle.

  • Throw the expired vitamins away and recycle the bottles they came in.


  • Categorize your vitamins and supplements in a way that makes sense to you. For example, I separate mine out into 2 groups - the pills I take daily and the ones I take on an as-needed basis.


  • Keep the vitamin and supplement bottles in a room temperature place away from direct sunlight.

I keep my vitamin and supplement bottles on a double turntable, one on the counter and one in a kitchen cabinet. The above photo shows the counter turntable (with my funky, cute egg with legs) that holds the vitamins, supplements, medicine etc. that we take regularly. The below photo shows the cabinet turntable which holds the things we take on an as-needed basis.

  • If you take multiple vitamins a day, you might want to utilize an organizer (see below for product suggestions). This way everything is already separated out, and you can save the time it would take to open and close several bottles.

This is my vitamin organizer! I found this one at Target years ago and was never able to find it again (online or otherwise). Here are other good looking vitamin organizers and see more product suggestions below.


  • Go through your vitamin and supplement bottles a few times a year to get rid of those that have expired.

3 Easy Ways To Remember To Take Your Pills

1. In sight, in mind. Put your pill bottles or pill container in a location that you SEE every day. For example, if you need to take your pills every morning, then perhaps you can put them near the coffee maker or on the kitchen counter in a very visible spot.

2. Put it on your calendar. If you reference your calendar a lot, then "schedule" time to take your pills.

3. Set an alarm. Use a smart phone app from the app store or a pill alarm clock to go off every day at the desired time.

Pill Containers & Other Storage Products

A pill container or organizer is an awesome way to store vitamins and save time as well. Check out the storage products below!

Double Stainless Steel Turntable

A turntable is great for organizing and storing the vitamin and supplement bottles!

7 Day Pill Organizer

Each day is labeled and color coded with 4 compartments. This product is also dishwasher safe. Ooooh!

MedCenter Alarm Clock

Need an audio medicine reminder to take your pills? Check out this pill alarm clock!

28 Day Medtime Planner

Use this color coded organizer and separate your pills out only once a month!

AM PM Pill Organizer

Take pills in the morning and at night? This medication organizer is great for that! It features a clear cover, large letters and easy-to-open push buttons.

Want to see more? E-Pill has tons of products like pill container products, plastic organizers, automatic medication dispenser items, pill reminders and more!

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