Business Card Storage - How To Organize Business Cards So You Can Find Them (& Remember Who Each Person Is)

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Need help with business card management? Here are some fantastic business card storage ideas!

Having your business cards in order will make it easier to find your contacts, decrease the paper clutter in your office and make life easier in general.

business card storage ideas

The following tips outline the step-by-step process for organizing business cards as well as awesome product suggestions. Enjoy!

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Business Card Management Ideas: The Organizing Process

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it to organize business cards.


• Start by gathering all of your business cards.

• Go through them one by one and get rid of any that are no longer necessary (i.e. Do you remember who the contact is? Is this someone you want to keep in touch with? Is the person still at that place of employment?)

• As you make decisions, put the business cards in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep or Recycle.

• If you have a ton of business cards, then combine the Purge and Sort parts of this process. If you decide to keep the card, then put into another category as specified below.

• Put the recycling in its proper place, so that all that is left are the cards you're keeping.


• Now that you can see what you have, separate what's left into categories that make sense to you.

For example, I have business cards related to my job categorized as Clients, Vendors or Fellow Organizers. I have business cards related to my personal life categorized as Friends & Family and Services.

For my husband, I've sorted his business cards into business card books - one book for each job he's had because that's how he remembers people.


• Utilize an organizational product like a binder with business card storage pages or a card file box to store the categories you created in the previous step of this process.

For example, I organize business cards using a different business card book for each category. I have a "Services" business card book, a "Friends & Family" business card book and so on.

• See below for more product suggestions.


• Get in the habit of putting all business cards in their appropriate place as you get them.

It's a good idea to write some details about the person on the back of card when you meet them (i.e. when you met them, where you met them, what you talked about, etc.). This ensures you remember who they are years later.

• Once or twice a year, go through your business card books and purge any that are no longer necessary.

Business Card Storage Ideas: The Products

Bamboo Business Card File

This card caddy looks good. It expands. It is a green product. It organizes things. Sold!

Business Card Scanner
Forget the paper altogether! Scan in the business cards as you get them and store them digitally.

Itoya Business Card Book

This is the business card book that I use and love!

Business Card Rolodex
Rotary business card holders can hold hundreds of cards and don't take up much space. Check these out!

Business Card Wallet
Need a business card holder for your own business cards? Check out these highly-rated business card wallets!

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