Easy Ways To Recycle At Home Without Procrastinating About It

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There's NO excuse to not be recycling at home. Here are easy ways to recycle without the procrastination.

3 Easy Ways To Recycle Without Procrastinating About It

Almost everybody recycles these days. In fact, we have more recyclables than garbage to put on the curb for pick up every week. It's good for the environment so...

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Why wouldn't you recycle?

I really tried to rack my brain and put myself in the shoes of someone who actively chooses not to recycle. I came up with a few ideas of things that could be getting in the way of this practice and offer up easy ways to recycle below.

Let's get recycling!

3 Easy Ways To Recycle At Home

1. Set up receptacles around the house.

This is obvious, right? However, you'd be surprised at how much more likely you and your family members are to recycle if you've got "recycling bins" set up around your house.

There's no need to walk to the kitchen or garage or wherever your main recycling receptacle is, every single time you've got a recyclable in your hand. Put a recycling bin on each level of the house.

If necessary, put one in each kid's room, the laundry room, the garage, the kitchen and any other space that could use it.

The easier it is to collect recyclables, the better. (Check out these recycling bins you can buy and these DIY ideas.)

2. What are your local recycling laws?

Oof. The word "laws" sounds kind of intimidating, but I imagine that is also why people procrastinate about recycling. They don't know what is allowed and what isn't in their jurisdiction, so they just don't recycle at all.

Squash this procrastination by doing a simple, quick Google search. Enter your town and state or enter your county along with "recycling requirements." Your local government website should pop up at the top of the search results with the information you need to know.

3. No curbside pick up?

Yeah, that would make me procrastinate about recycling too. HOWEVER, it wouldn't stop me.

While I think most places have curbside recycling pick up these days, I'm sure that there are some that do not. If I lived in one of these areas, this is what I would do.

  1. I would figure out where the closest recycling center is to my house. A simple Google search will answer this question.
  2. I would come up with a routine for dropping off the recyclables once a week or so. For example, if the recycling center is near your kid's school then pick one day a week to drop off the recycling after your drop off your kid at school.
  3. Start small. You don't need to fill up your trunk with recycling and make a big trip to the center every time. Begin by just recycling paper and then work your way up from there once you've got your routine down.

BONUS: Forget sorting.

Huh? No, really.

Don't waste time sorting your recyclables and definitely don't let the task of sorting stop you from recycling at all.

I did some research online and from what I gathered, most local recycling programs are now single-stream (which means you don't need to separate out paper from plastic from metal).

Also, recycling centers do the sorting for you anyway. When recyclables get to the centers, they are sorted and cleaned. So don't think twice about it; throw all of your recyclables together in one bin and smile about doing your part in helping the environment.

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