Ink For Printer - How To Discard Both Used & Unused Ink Cartridges Without Throwing Them In The Trash

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How quickly do you go through ink for printer? How many printers are in your home or business? What do you do with printer cartridges you are done with - used or unused?

We have one printer in our home and I take the empty cartridges to Staples to redeem them for rewards, but this recently crossed my mind when a client had a large surplus of ink and toner after getting rid of an old printer. In this instance buying in bulk turned out to be a waste of money and she didn't live near any office supply stores, so I did some research.

Ink for printer - how to discard used and unused printer ink.

Here's how to discard BOTH used and unused printer ink WITHOUT throwing printer ink cartridges (and money) into the garbage. The below options are better for the environment, better for your wallet and serve the greater good.

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20+ Ways To Discard Printer Cartridges

Ink For Printer
Used Printer Ink Cartridges

Did you know that there are companies that will buy your empty ink cartridges? Check these out.

There are charities that can benefit from your empty cartridges as well, so consider donating them.

Ink For Printer
Unused Printer Ink Cartridges

Did you know that there are online companies who will pay you for unused printer ink cartridges?

If you recently got rid of a printer and still have the cartridges or for some reason have unused ink, then this is a great option to check out. I haven't personally used any of these websites, but they are worth a look see.

You can also donate the unused cartridges to a charity. Here are a few that will take them.

Other ideas include donating unused printer cartridges to places in your locality like:

  • schools
  • nonprofits
  • animal shelters
  • after-school programs

There you have it - tons of awesome ways to discard your ink in an eco-friendly way that is either charitable or makes you some extra cash. Pretty sweet!

What do you do with your used/unused printer ink cartridges? Do you have any resources to add to this list? Leave me a comment below and have a great day!

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