How To Propose To An Organizer

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Hello. Normally this blog is about how a semi-messy, mid twenty-something, aspiring political scientist tries to stay orderly while living with the DC area's most eminent organizer. Today however, I would like to share with you a personal story, one that I have no problem shouting from the rooftops. Since I do not own a roof, I’ll tell you through this blog.

Nealey and I just recently moved from a great apartment. It was a place that we really enjoyed being in and it gave us a lot of memories. We had our ups and we had our downs, but most importantly we grew together as a couple in that apartment and I am very grateful to have those memories in a place we called home for three amazing years. Because of this, I realized I wanted to have one last special moment in the apartment.

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It was a few short weeks ago that I came home with a surprise for Nealey. While I was at work, Nealey had been prepping for our move. Of course, I was not allowed to do all THAT much, because specific things had to go in specific boxes and be kept in specific places. That way when the movers came, Nealey could tell the movers what needed to go first, where it should go and how it should be picked up! Glorious!

As you can see, it is obviously not easy to hide or keep something from an organizer, like a small box with a surprise in it. ESPECIALLY DURING A MOVE!!!! Over the past few months I had been going to South Jersey with a close associate of mine (a guy from Jersey) to look at engagement rings under the guise of having to go to a “bachelor” or “pirate party.” It worked! She had no idea I was visiting a jeweler and checking out diamonds and rings (they come separate and then the jeweler puts it together).

Anyway, after picking out what I wanted I had the ring sent to my office because there was no way I could send it home (guess who checks the mail?). When it came, I showed several people in my office what it looked like. Of course people wondered how I was going to propose. After releasing very few details, I was given suggestions. Never in my life have I heard more ridiculous advice. If I have any male fans out there who want some really corny advice on how to propose to your girlfriend, ask your co-workers. I heard hypothetical scenarios from the most cliché to the utter insane. I was even begged to record the proposal so I could put it on Facebook! FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!

Folks, you’ve got to keep it simple. I took a very relaxed cab ride home from work on a beautiful Monday evening in our nation’s capital, I walked into the apartment and I got down on one knee. Nealey was sitting on the couch so she had no idea I was about to propose. To quote Walter Sobchak we were just facing “eyeball to eyeball,” so that gave nothing away.

I told her that she was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and that I could live in a room full of boxes (like the room we were in) or an empty apartment for the rest of my life, as long as I am with her, I am home and I am happy. Truer words, I have never spoken. It was the happiest moment of my Life, and it wasn’t even organized. ;-)

I Love You Nealey.

- Owen Patrick

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