Ever Live With A Tater Tot?

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Much has happened since I have written to you all, my loyal readers. Last time we spoke I was on one knee with a diamond quoting The Big Lebowski, asking Nealey to marry me. I believe I wrote that it was the happiest moment of my life, and it was. Fortunately, each new day has been happier and happier as Nealey and I prep for the big day.

Well to be honest, there have been a few stressful days in there. I don’t know how many of you are married, but there is a lot to think about. What’s the date? Where’s the venue? What’s for dinner? Who’s in the bridal party? What hotels are recommended for out of town guests? Dresses! Tuxedos and centerpieces!!!! It never ends! Even my own Father said to me “The food better be good cause I got friends showin up.” Thanks Dad!! So obviously I’ve got a lot going on.

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The day after I asked Nealey to marry me, we moved across the street to a beautiful new building. We had wanted to move for some time. We liked the building that we were in, but we wanted something that was nicer and most importantly we (Nealey) wanted something that was PET FRIENDLY!!!! We needed a dog and we needed a dog NOW!! So while I was fully on board to move and get a dog, you have to understand that I’m a cat guy. I grew up with cats and they were great. Smokey, Scrapper, Squeaker and Harry were dream pets. So as you can see, I am not a stranger to pets, but I have never had a dog.

After living in our building for about a week/week and a half, I got a call from Nealey on the way to work. I picked up the phone and said “Hello?” The only thing I heard was Nealey saying “I found a puuuuuuuuuuuuuug!!!” I can’t remember the rest of the conversation, but I can imagine that I said anything more than a sarcastic “great,” and hung up.

I never had a dog before! An engagement ring took months of planning and plotting. Moving took months of saving and prepping. Now, I had to become a dog owner!!!! Oooffff! Well, I guess I was as ready as I could be. Nealey had been talking about getting a pug for, well, for years actually. I knew it was inevitable. Before you knew it, I was in our Saturn SUV on the way to no man’s land Virginia, to pick up our baby pug on a country farm.

Honestly, I was nervous. I’ve never been a dog owner before and I really wanted our new puppy to like me. When I told Nealey I was nervous as we were approaching the farm, she told me that my butterflies were a good sign. She reassured me and said I would be a good “Daddy.” It was ironic that I previously had said I wasn’t even going to get out of the car because I did not want to see the puppies we didn’t take. Yet, as soon as we showed up, I got out and walked over to two pugs that were wrestling with each other in the grass. Nealey stood there smiling before she glanced at me and said, “Which one?” Without even blinking I said, “The little one.”

I was instantly in love with a tiny pug that we call Tater Tot. She’s a crazy little dog and she’s not exactly an A+ organizer. Sometimes I’ll come home from work and she will have completely ripped up one of her “pee pads.” She’ll also steal my socks and try to rip apart my shoes. She really tests Nealey sometimes in what I find to be some pretty funny battles. I used to think dog owners were semi-weird, but now I understand things a bit better.

Tater Tot is a funny, happy little dog who could cheer you up at anytime. Her little face is perfect to me. At times when I am having a rough day at work, I take comfort in knowing that I will go home to Nealey and Tater Tot. They’re definitely a pair you couldn’t say no to.

She’s funny, she’s smart and if she’s all that we got, we’d be very happy with our little Tater Tot.

-Owen Patrick

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