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Chaos reigns in politics! We are a nation still recovering from election 2012 and states like Virginia and New Jersey have just suffered through gubernatorial campaigns. Other localities across the country have seen down ballot races.

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Citizens of the Old Dominion just witnessed a nasty battle between 2 candidates, and Garden State voters are wondering if Big Boy Chris Christie will try and steamroll his way to the White House in 2016!

Just earlier this month all of us endured the government shutdown. Some said they hoped the government would never re-open and others wondered why politicians never seem to get along, subsequently forcing an unfortunate circumstance.

When looking at the long list of problems facing this country certain questions come to mind. “Why can’t our government just get its house in order?” Others think, “How come campaigns and elections have to be so messy and dirty?” The longing for a cleaner more efficient process is crystal clear to Americans across the land.

That is where today’s lesson shines through. I, Mr. Blogger Boutique, challenge you to stop reading this post and look around the room you are sitting in. Perhaps I should ask, is your house in order?  Somewhere not far from your current location, is there a mess that you have not tended to? Is there something you continually reject taking care of until a later date?

Ah Ha! You see, many parts of our lives aren’t always very well put together or organized. You know it and I know it. So why would our political system be any different? Sure, the comparison isn’t a complete match but consider this. Are our politics and democracy a reflection of ourselves?

I’m sure you all have heard the expression, “It comes from the top down”? We need to be an example for others to follow. In politics, it is the exact opposite. Change comes from the bottom up. Our Founding Fathers paved the way for us to be in control of the direction of our country. If things are a mess, citizens can hold their elected officials accountable.

Organizers in this world understand another saying better than the rest of us. That is “If you want to get something done, you’ve got to do it yourself.” Your bedroom closet is not going to clean itself, the files in your office are not going to label themselves and your government is not ever going to change itself. These jobs are up to YOU!

Plain and simply, our democracy could be more efficient if more people helped keep it tidy. Don’t like the way things are going? Get out there and participate. Become a “citizen organizer.”

Remember figuring out how to take a mess and turn it into an organized structure are not problems confined to the baby’s room or basement. Take your organizing skills and use them to provide service to our country. Don’t waste any more time. America needs you!!!


-Mr. Blogger Boutique

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