How To Pack A Suitcase Without Wasting Space & 6 Things To Consider First

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Going somewhere? Wondering how to pack a suitcase? Welcome to my page of packing tips! Here is some really useful information on packing light and more!

When it comes to travel, being organized is vital! It can mean the difference between a relaxing vacation and a vacation you need a vacation from.

how to pack a suitcase without wasting space

Here you'll find...

  • travel product suggestions
  • things to consider before you start packing
  • the step-by-step process for how to pack a suitcase
  • tips on how to pack light and save space

I hope these tips help you better prepare for your travels and therefore improve the quality of your trips. Enjoy!

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How To Pack A Suitcase:
6 Things To Consider First

1. Where are you going? Be sure to consider factors related to your destination such as the weather forecast (i.e. warm locations may require rain gear), the culture (i.e. pack your cowboy boots if you're going to Texas) and so on.

2. How long will you be gone? It's easy to over pack, but also be mindful of under packing. Check out the packing process below for more on this.

3. How are you getting there? Are you flying? Driving? Taking a train? A boat? For example if you're flying, consider air travel packing tips and regulations, going through security and accessibility to things while you are on the flight.

4. Why are you going? Is this a business trip? Family vacation? Whatever the purpose of your travels, keep this in mind when packing so that you have proper travel outfits and the appropriate attire.

5. What will you be doing during the trip? Are you staying in one hotel or will you be moving around? Are you on a cruise ship that will be stopping in other countries? What activities will you be doing?

6. How much space will you have while traveling and also once you get there? For example if you're backpacking across Europe, then you've got to be very minimalist the entire time.

How To Pack A Suitcase:
The General Packing Process

Transform packing into a smooth process with the following general guidelines.

  • Use your bed to lay everything out in front of you.
  • Pick out an outfit for each day's activities to ensure you have enough clothing and put it on your bed. Consider the day and the night. Add jewelry, shoes and accessories to each outfit to be complete.
  • Gather the miscellaneous materials such as toiletries, cameras, backpacks, purses, books, sunglasses, and so on. Remember to consider weather-related gear (i.e. rain poncho), destination-related gear (i.e. cowboy boots) and any other specific factors (see Things To Consider First above).
  • Now all you need to do is put everything in a suitcase! Remember, to do this strategically. Put the items you'll need first or most often in an accessible section or pocket, and pack the heaviest items like shoes on the bottom.

The following example demonstrates how to apply the above general tips on how to pack a suitcase to a specific vacation.

Let's say you are packing for the beach for the weekend. Laid out on your bed should be...

  • Saturday At The Beach: bathing suit, bathing suit cover, flip flops, shorts, t-shirt
  • Saturday Night: jeans and a light top or a summer dress, casual shoes, small purse, accompanying jewelry and hair accessories, underwear, bra, socks, pajamas
  • Sunday's Trip Home: comfortable pants or shorts, t-shirt, same flip flops
  • Accessories & Other Items: hat, beach towels, book, sunscreen, aloe vera, toiletries, sunglasses, chapstick, beach bag, belt, bandanas, phone chargers, music, travel games and rain ponchos if it rains

Then you could use a duffle bag or small suitcase to pack your items. You'll most likely bring a tote bag to the beach, so consider using that to pack your things.

How To Pack A Suitcase:
How To Pack Light & Save Space

1. A huge space killer is shoes. Consider packing different outfits that can be worn with the same pair of shoes. Apply this concept to other bulky items like jackets, sweaters and scarves.

2. Underwear and socks can be fillers instead of taking up valuable real estate. Stuff them inside of shoes or in any small open spaces.

3. Choose outfits that can easily transfer from day to night rather than packing separate outfits. A quick change of accessories will be sufficient for spiffing up an outfit.

4. Go with brown or black, not both. If you stick with one color palette, you can use the same accessories for your outfits such as belts, purses, jewelry, makeup and shoes.

5. Bring travel-sized products. Whether it's toiletries, an umbrella, or what have you, smaller is better.

6. Create a packing checklist and stick to it.

How To Pack A Suitcase:
Organizing & Packing Products

Grid-It Organizer

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Travel Jewelry Roll

Store your jewelry in the different compartments of this travel organizer and arrive at your destination without the usual tangled mess!

Clear Travel Pouches

Clear bags make it simple to store and locate your items easily.

Document Travel Organizer

Keep your travel papers, identification documents and more in this zippered travel organizer.

Packing Cubes

Sort and organize the stuff in your suitcase using these awesome packing cubes! You could sort them by type of clothing, by outfit, by family member, whatever makes sense to you.

Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek has fantastic travel products from luggage to security products to packing supplies. Check it out!

Lift N Find Clothing Storage Solutions
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