Over The Toilet Cabinet & Other Awesome Bathroom Toilet Paper Holders

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Let's have some bathroom fun! Whether it's an over the toilet cabinet, a free standing toilet paper holder or something creatively repurposed or constructed, it's a good idea to have a storage solution for extra toilet paper.

It's frustrating (to say the least) when you are in need of more toilet paper but can't find any within reach of the toilet!

On this page you'll find some fun storage ideas for the unsung hero of the bathroom and the modern-day necessity we know as toilet paper. Enjoy!

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The 5 Best Toilet Paper Storage Ideas

1. Over The Toilet Cabinet Or Under The Sink Cabinet

First, using a nearby cabinet, drawer or closet is the easiest and most obvious way to store extra toilet paper in a bathroom.

If you don't have the luxury of built-in storage then consider using an over the toilet cabinet. They are generally easy to find, simple to install and reasonably priced.

For a less bulky solution, another idea is to install over toilet storage like floating shelves.

2. Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

If a cabinet is not an option, then a very convenient storage idea is to use a free standing toilet paper holder. A toilet paper stand like this is typically inexpensive, simple to move and easy to access.

We have one in our upstairs bathroom since there is no toilet paper holder at all. We purchased a free standing one and boom! We have a toilet paper holder and a storage solution for refills.

3. A Basket Or A Bin

In our last apartment, I purchased a rectangular basket with a lid that fit perfectly on the toilet tank. It was very convenient for guests to access and also kept the toilet paper dirt and dust-free.

4. Repurpose Something

Don't want to spend any money at all? Great! Then perhaps there is something in your house that you can reuse as toilet paper storage.

Did you see the photo at the beginning of this page? That is from my mom's house. She received a gift in that circular tin and now uses it to hold the spare toilet paper roll in her guest bathroom. It's so cute!

5. Create Something

Are you handy with crafts? Then this is the perfect project to put on your to do list! Whether you can crochet a basket or sew some pockets or build a wooden stand, those using your bathroom will be forever grateful that the toilet paper is easy to find. If you want to get even craftier, check out these new ways to use toilet paper rolls like toilet paper roll crafts! Craft away!

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