Organizing A Laundry Room - Simple Laundry Room Ideas That Make A Big Difference

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Organizing a laundry room is vital to a smooth routine.

Dirty laundry is like the mail - it always comes in but can be easily controlled with a little maintenance.

Having a clear, organized space will largely contribute to getting the job done efficiently.

Who doesn't want that?!?

Below you'll find...

  • the process for organizing a laundry room.
  • laundry room organizers and storage products.
  • tips on getting the whole family involved.

Happy organizing!

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The Process - Organizing A Laundry Room

Utilize the general organizing procedure of purge, sort and store, and apply it when organizing a laundry room.


• Start by going through each cabinet, drawer and/or surface. Pick up one item at a time and decide if it is worth keeping.

• In order to do this, ask yourself appropriate questions (i.e. Is it expired? Is it still usable?).

• As you make decisions, put the item in the corresponding pile, bag or box - Keep, Distribute Around The House, Recycle, Trash.

• Take out the trash and distribute the items around the house. This is very important. The laundry room often becomes a dumping ground for random items, and simply clearing the room of this excess clutter will make way for the area's intended purpose: doing the laundry!


• Now that you've gotten rid of the unnecessary items, separate what's left into categories (i.e. cleaning products, laundry accessories, baskets, etc.). This way you can see what and how much you have.


• Utilize the built-in storage if you already have it. Use the cabinets to hold detergents and other cleaning products.

• Use open bins or baskets to categorize the items in the cabinets by likeness (i.e. detergents, ironing equipment, hangers) like in the picture below.

organizing a laundry room

• Mount a drying rack to the wall or use a collapsible product to conserve space.

• Use small containers (like baskets or Tupperwares) to house the coins and other treasures you find in pockets.

• Place a small trash can nearby for pitching lint, used dryer sheets and any other resulting garbage.

• If you are cramped for space and your laundry room also houses other items, use stacking plastic drawers or bins to separate and store them (i.e. light bulbs, batteries).


• Remember, the laundry isn't done until things have been folded or hung and PUT AWAY.

• Get into the habit of putting items in their proper places on a regular basis. Take a few minutes each time you do a load to distribute rogue items to other parts of the house. This small task will help you effortlessly maintain your laundry room organizing efforts.

More Laundry Room Ideas - Family Tips

Get everyone involved. Even if it's just you and your significant other, doing laundry is much easier when the rest of the family pitches in.

Everyone can...

  • empty the pockets of their pants/shorts before throwing them into the hamper. A great incentive for this is to make a rule: ALL THOSE THAT DON'T EMPTY THEIR OWN POCKETS WILL HAVE TO GIVE THE CONTENTS TO ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER.
  • put their laundry in a hamper (and not on the floor).
  • bring their hampers to the laundry room on laundry days.
  • put their own folded laundry away.

The Products - Laundry Room Organizers

Organizing a laundry room is simple with these laundry room organizers! These products are vital to maximizing the space and adding efficiency to the tasks performed in this room on a regular basis.

Aluminum-Framed Fabric Bins - a Favorite for Organizing a Laundry Room!
These open bins have aluminum frames for durability, handles for convenience and an open top for easy accessibility. These are great for storing your laundry accessories and products.

3-Section Laundry Sorter
This product is handy, durable and mobile. It features three removable laundry bags for ultimate convenience!

Collapsible Drying Rack
This product is great for both the laundry room and the bathroom. It does the job and then folds down when not in use saving valuable space.

Over-The-Door Iron & Board Holder

Store your iron and ironing board in one accessible place off the floor - over the door. This handy organizer is designed to hold any ironing board as well as your iron and accessories!

Small Stacking Drawer
These plastic drawers are durable and versatile. Use them for all of those little things that end up in the laundry room - coins, buttons, etc.

Dry Cleaning Bag
Keep your dry cleaning clearly separated from the rest of your laundry with this awesome tote!

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