How To Organize Small Spaces - Living In Small Spaces Successfully

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Want to know more about how to organize small spaces? You've come to the right place! Living in small spaces is challenging, but it absolutely can be done.

how to organize small spaces

Whether you are a student living in a college dorm, a downsizing senior or a young professional living in a shoe box in the big city, the following tips will help you make use of all the space available to you. Good luck!

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How To Organize Small Spaces: Get Rid Of Anything You Can Live Without

This is very important. There's only so much shuffling around that can be done to try to fit everything into a small space design, so the first step for organizing small spaces is to purge anything that you don't need.

  • Go digital. Get rid of as much paper as you can, because it takes up too much space. This could mean signing up for paperless bills, reading magazines and newspapers online, getting e-books instead of physical books, scanning in photos, and more.
  • Take pictures of your bulky memorabilia items, and then pitch them. No need to keep large items that you only have, because they bring back good memories. Take a photo of the item and voila! You have the memory without the clutter.
  • Pitch the duplicates in all rooms of the house. Seriously, how much of each item do you really need? For example, how many cups do you need for drinking beverages? And is it really necessary to have several different types of drinking vessels?
  • Go digital again. Transfer CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and anything else you can think of to digital files.

How To Organize Small Spaces: Use ALL Of The Space

The next step for organizing small spaces is to utilize every inch of the area.

  • Use the space under your bed, and get bed risers to increase how much you can store down there if necessary.
  • Take advantage of the backs of doors with over-the-door organizers.
  • Did you think about using the walls? Mount shelves and voila! You've got small space storage without taking up floor area.
  • Populate your living space with furniture that looks good but also functionally stores things. For example, purchase an ottoman that opens up.

How To Organize Small Spaces: Storage Products & Furniture

Organizing small space living is much easier with products and furniture for small spaces. Check these out!

Bed Risers

These bed risers increase the amount of storage space available underneath the bed.

Underbed Box

This storage product is great for keeping things organized and dust-free under your bed.

Over-The-Door Organizer

This organizer hangs on the door and can be used in any room for anything!

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Small Space Decorating

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